10 Amazing Hacks To Make Your Thin Fine Hair Look Full And Thicker

Make Your Thin Fine Hair Look Full And Thicker

Since the beginning of time, men and women have been at war over how to make fine hair seem fuller, and I’m here to help you win. It’s possible that this is a touch over the top, but anybody whose hair is fine and lackluster knows that this is a constant battle, and one in which we seldom prevail. There are several methods that even a beginner may use to get thicker, super-fuller, and more buoyant strands with just a little bit of determination and a few critical items.


Does one’s hair become thicker overnight, and if so, how? No, however there are methods to keep your hair healthy, encourage new growth, and conceal thinning strands. For those with fine hair, I’ll explain how to make it seem thicker and fuller right away, as well as what you can do to make healthy hair growth in the interim.

How to Get Fuller-Looking Hair

#10 Add biotin to your regular vitamin regimen

I remember in high school, I lost all the eyelashes in one eye. Let’s hear it for adorable yearbook pictures! I felt terrible shame, but other than wearing fake eyelashes every day, there was nothing I could do. After determining that a stressful family scenario was to blame, the doctor prescribed Biotin. Since then, I’ve been regularly supplementing my diet with this B vitamin for its supposed rejuvenating effects.


#9 You need to choose the ideal hairstyle for you

It’s a bummer that thin hair restricts your styling options. Sharp, short, and lengthy square layers are the most flattering on fine hair. Over-texturizing the hair or adding too many layers can only make it seem more sparse.

The human mind associates straight lines with seriousness and solidity. Making that sharp, powerful line around the hair’s border will make it seem fuller and stronger.


#8 Use clip-in extensions

A few of tracks of hair extensions may do wonders if you need a fast repair (for a wedding, for example). Clip-in extensions are not something I use on a daily basis, but they come in handy when I need my hair to seem thicker and longer for a particular occasion.

#7 Try a Dry Shampoo

You can obtain tremendous volume in your hair if you can manage to hold off on washing it every other day and get a quality dry shampoo, which I know may be difficult since thinner hair becomes greasier quicker. I’ve been using Big & Sexy’s Dry Shampoo for years, and it’s my absolute favorite. To get that trendy, undone appearance, it adds just the right amount of gritty texture to second-day hair.

Spray the dry shampoo 6-8 inches away from the scalp, starting in tiny portions towards the top. If you feel that certain areas of your hair still require more attention, repeat the process. After two minutes of oil absorption, you should brush your hair from roots to tips. An immediate increase in decibel level!

#6 Get comfortable with teasing

For as long as I can remember, I’ve enjoyed playing with people’s expectations. I find that backcombing gives my hairstyle just the extra something it needs to feel complete. In order to keep your hair healthy, backcomb in just one direction and gently.


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