Here are the 10 hottest Fall Nails Trends for 2021!

10 hottest Fall Nails

Fall is coming in all its glory! Bright and colorful, it never fails to impress us with its incredible hues, delight our eyes and warm our hearts before the cold season. So is there a better fashion master? We suggest you take an example of its natural beauty to create your fall style! If you accept the challenge, read our article to find our original ideas for nails in fall colors and get in tune with him!


Nails in Fall colors 2021

The key to impeccable style is choosing the right colors. There’s no doubt that this will ensure great results! That’s why we’re going to share with you several original ideas that you’re sure to love!

Beige and gold nail

When we talk about fall, one of the first associations is the golden color! That’s why we advise you to gild your nails too! It’s a royal, bright, and warm color that makes you smile and generates positive thoughts. Golden manicures are a great way to brighten up your day when the sun is getting scarce. You can also add the color beige to have a balanced style of your nails and so that they are not too bright. Shades very close to gold, which you can also use, are mustard yellow and dandelion yellow.

Red matte nail – nail trend 2021

Red is a demanding and bold color! It’s not for everyone! Yet if there are any of you who associate with this color, we encourage you to waste no more time! There’s no doubt that red is one of the most impressive colors of fall. It never goes unnoticed and will not fail to attract the eyes. To enhance the effect, we suggest you combine the red polish with lipstick in a similar color! You will certainly have a modern and current style!


Chocolate brown manicure

Hot chocolate – the most autumnal drink! Thanks to it the brown color always reminds us of warmth, calm, and of course the taste and smell of chocolate. So why not color our nails in this shade? It will protect us from a bad mood and will keep us warm! In addition, this current color of 2021, will help you to follow the trends and will put you in fashion. Take into consideration that just likes hot chocolate can be more or less concentrated, your nail polish can be darker or lighter.

Khaki nail – a good fall nail idea

When we talk about nature, we must not forget to mention green. No matter the season, this color is always present! Opting for its darker shade, we follow the 2021 nail trend! Plus, khaki is one of the freshest shades and this freshness can only transfer to your style!

Orange to have nails in fall colors

Bright colors like orange make us happy and charge us with energy. Don’t forget that fall is your last chance to adopt them on your nails. Winter trends are more about cooler, less vibrant colors. So you should definitely take advantage of this opportunity! Orange with all its shades goes best with young people. We also remind you that fluorescent nails, including neon orange nails, are very fashionable this year!


Steel-blue color

Steel blue is also perfect for your nails in fall colors. Are you wondering why? Take a look at the sky during fall thunderstorms and you’ll quickly get the answer. By opting for the polish in dark blue, your nails will reflect the cloudy sky. Just like the golden color, this shade of blue also associates with royalty and nobility.  Want to hear something absolutely amazing?! While it is the coolest shade, it goes perfectly with all other fall colors and with almost any type of fall nail art. Any combination you can imagine will be awesome! So what are you waiting for! Go improvise and create your own style!

Terrazzo Nails

Speckled patterns are making a comeback on counters and coffee tables, and now they’re adorning our fingertips too.     

The French mani ombré    

Every season brings a new take on the French mani. This time, expect to see shaded tips like this version spotted on the Nargis Khan side.

Colorful swirl      

This summer, wavy patterns took Instagram by storm and became extremely popular. This trend continues this fall, but replacing the rainbow of summer colors for neutral shades paired with brown, orange, and white swirls.

Floral Mani       

Flowers don’t have to disappear with the change of season. Switch to deeper hues for the cooler months, like these blue flowers by Hang Nguyen.

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