10 Keys To Spice UP Your Relationship IN 1 DAY

Isn’t it true that when you’re in a solid, healthy relationship, your whole world improves along with it?


It might be that being in love has made you more optimistic about things that previously brought you down, or that everything just feels a little bit better.

But there comes a point when you want to strengthen your relationship with your spouse in a day, no matter how great things are going between you right now.

In this article, you will learn the 10 secrets of rekindling the passion in your relationship in a day or less.


10 Things To Do In 1 Day To Get Your Relationship Back On Track

I know it seems challenging, but it really isn’t. You are well aware that partnerships need a significant amount of time and effort. You understand that in order to maintain a strong long-term relationship, you must communicate, compromise, and even quarrel (filled with happiness and joy).

However, sustaining a relationship is not the same as enhancing a relationship. Your relationship will require a boost or a new fresh spark at some time to prevent it from being amiable and not loving.

To strengthen your relationship, you don’t have to go on a wild journey with your spouse or follow a large checklist.


Instead, you may strengthen your relationship in a single day by doing these ten things, and you don’t even have to do them all. Choose just one, or concentrate on a few to get your relationship back on track.

These little gestures are so subtle that your lover may not even notice what you’re up to, and the greatest part?

They’re simple, engaging activities with several advantages.

#10 Be grateful for your relationship

And it doesn’t have to be something major. Send a thank you card or even prepare breakfast for your spouse who makes the coffee every morning before you wake up.

One possibility is to wake up before him or her, prepare his or her coffee, or give him or her a romantic little embrace first thing in the morning. These are simple things that, like a massage, bring spice to your relationship.

Appreciation may be quite beneficial to both of you, particularly when you realize that a lack of appreciation might be fatal to your relationship.

The smallest details are the most effective in keeping the relationship together in the long term.

#9 Send something loving to your partner

Communication throughout the day is important, no matter what you say, but those sweet words may be exactly what your partner needed to hear.

Women especially (but also men) we love to receive small romantic SMS like heart emojis, tender words, words of love, but also evocative or very naughty SMS to stimulate the libido in the couple.

#8 Being together without a phone

Once you are both together at the end of the day, put away the phones and laptops and focus on each other. This is one of my biggest faults, I am too focused on my computer, tablet or even my cell phone.

Also leave the TV off. It’s time to relax and really talk like discussing the next weekend you are going to spend together, a new project together like renovating a room.

#7 Ask specific questions about their day

If you knew your partner had a big project that morning, ask them how it went. I think it’s important to know how their day went, especially when their partner is under a lot of stress or their job is tiring.

It is important to find time for the children, but also for the couple like taking a weekend just the two of us, massaging him if he has a bad back, relaxing him with a bath if he had a stressful day or preparing the room in a romantic atmosphere.

How to prepare a beautiful romantic evening in 3 steps?

Even small things like what they ate for lunch or how traffic was on the way home can open the door for your partner to talk about his day in ways he hadn’t considered before.

Men aren’t overly talkative so asking them little questions is the key to moving the discussion forward and getting them to open up to you.

Often the little things that happen during our days are forgotten by the time we are with our partners, so asking specific questions can give you some details about their day.

#6 Cook dinner together

Like really cooking. One of you chops the vegetables, while the other sears the meat.

Make dessert together and do a lot of taste testing. Cooking is a great way to connect with your partner, especially when you work together. Doubly effective (I think anyway): cleaning together.

#5 Showering together

You don’t have to make it an erotic thing, but there’s something very connected and sensual about washing your hair, lathering up your shoulders with a little extra massage and enjoying the hot water together.

We can also do a bath together with rose petals, bath bombs with candles to give the intimate touch to this bath.

#4 Touch each other

When your partner passes by you, reach out for a kiss. It’s the little touches that make the relationship last for the long haul. Kisses are tender moments so make them more often especially when we are having a bad day at work.

When you’re sitting on the couch, make sure your legs are touching. Rub your partner’s head during a Netflix binge or place your hand on their back while you both look in the fridge for dinner. These are little extras that add charm to your relationship in the long run.

Remind them that you’re there and you can’t keep your hands off of them.

#3 Smile at your partner

A 2005 study by Hewlett Packard found that receiving a smile from a loved one provided a higher level of stimulation to the brain and heart than a cigarette or monetary gift.

Huge, right? So smile at your partner as often as possible to give their brain and heart that exhilarating boost.

#2 Hold your partner’s hand

Holding hands is a sweet gesture that has a lot to do with your partner’s anxiety and stress levels. One study found that when happily married couples held hands, wives’ anxiety and stress levels were reduced when they held their husband’s hand.

Even if your partner isn’t feeling particularly stressed, holding their hand can reduce any anxiety you may not notice and make them feel more secure in your relationship.

#1 Compliment your partner

“You’re hot” is always a welcome compliment, but saying things like “I love your motivation” or “You’re so good at your job” will make your partner feel like a million bucks.

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