12 Facial Yoga To Reduce Face Fat

Facial Yoga To Reduce Face Fat

Fine lines and wrinkles, as well as fat, begin to appear on our attractive faces by the time we reach our thirties, thanks to the hectic lifestyles we lead and the quantity of pollution around us. And, of course, we are not interested in them. Yoga postures to decrease facial fat are not as quick as other slimming activities, but the results are long-lasting, natural, and painless.


These 12 basic facial yoga exercises can help you burn weight while also slowing the onset of age symptoms on your face:

1. Facial yoga – Lion Pose

lion pose

It is one of the most effective face workouts available. The platysma, a narrow, rectangular-shaped muscle in front of the throat, is stimulated by this position. This exercise will help to strengthen the facial muscle as you become older.


Execution: For this one, you should kneel comfortably on your thighs with your palms on your thighs. Next, push your tongue forth and aggressively stretch it downwards, stretching it as far as you can. While doing so, exhale and produce a lion-like roaring sound.

2. Facial yoga – Locked Tongue Pose

locked tongue

This one may provide you with many benefits, including a chiseled jawline and a tighter face.


Execution: Simply sit down and rest the tip of your tongue on the top wall of your mouth. Push your tongue against the wall until you feel a strain in your neck. You’ll be OK if you breathe through your nose while doing this.


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