12 tips every girl should know before going to hair salon

Hair tips you should know before visiting your hairdresser! This will help you avoid unpleasant surprises once you leave the salon…

The passage (not always obliged) in the hairdresser is not a harmless act. If our men can make fun of us when we are apprehensive about getting our hair cut or when we get depressed after a haircut that is too short for our liking, it is not as funny as all that. Because it is a question of self-confidence. Here are a few tips and gestures to adopt before going to the hairdresser so that you don’t leave feeling depressed!

1/ Don’t wash your hair

hair wash

Don’t be ashamed of your greasy roots, that’s what your hairdresser is there for! In any case, no one will notice since you’ll quickly go to the bin. No need to make your hair suffer twice.

2/ Wear a sweater that doesn’t cling to avoid ending up with hair everywhere

A cashmere or wool sweater will be the most comfortable to wait on, only, you may well keep the trace of your passage on these delicate clothes. Prefer cotton sweaters and T-shirts from which you will be able to chase away the little hairs with a flip of your hand.

3/ Don’t show a star photo and hope to get the same result

Unless you have the same face shape and hair as Jennifer Lawrence (which is unlikely, we’re all different, thankfully), showing your hairdresser a celebrity photo and hoping to get the same cut would be fooling yourself.

4/ Prepare a speech to refuse the treatment they want to sell you

You are too nice, too shy or not very knowledgeable to refuse the treatment that the assistant offers you once you are on the tray? The question “Shall we do a treatment?” is the one you dread every time for fear that the entire salon will think you’re a cheapskate? Keep a ready-made answer under your belt: “Thanks, but I’ve already done one at home this week”; “Sorry, it doesn’t fit in my budget”. You can also retort with a very effective “no thank you”…

5/ Ask for a single shampoo

In general, hairdressers are used to doing two shampoos. However, if done correctly, one is enough. This will help to protect your hair and save the planet at the same time!

6/ Wear a turtleneck to prevent water from sliding down your back when shampooing

The shampooing stage is not the most pleasant: a hard as wood tub that twists your neck, water that slides down your back, we are not safe from the startle! To avoid getting wet, you can wear a turtleneck. In summer, however, it may be complicated…

7/ Tell your hairdresser the story of your hair


Even if he is a specialist, your hairdresser is not a fortune teller. And can make mistakes, like any human being. It’s important to tell your hairdresser how many times you’ve had your hair colored, if you tend to lose your hair or if it regresses too quickly. He will be able to adapt your cut accordingly.

8/ Think before you embark on a complicated cut or coloring

A demanding haircolor requires special care at all times. And come back to visit your hairdresser very regularly. Are you ready to pay the price of these recurrent touch-ups? Think twice before you take the plunge.

9/ Take a book or your planner with you

If you’ve chosen to trade in your bland chestnut for a flamboyant red, it can take a while to apply the color. And you may quickly tire of the Gala with its thousand fingerprints for impatient clients.

10/ Find a hairdresser that suits your personality and beliefs

Are you a fan of natural beauty products and can’t stand chemicals that give you allergies? Turn to natural or organic hairdressing salons that respect your hair and the environment.

Are you shy and hate talking while your hair is being cut? You may want to avoid hairdressers who are a little too talkative. Can’t stand to be seen with wet, curly or pulled hair? Choose out-of-the-way salons rather than those with a busy street.

11/ Check out the website and read the reviews left by customers

Our connected age has the advantage of not letting anything slip by! If a hairdresser is messing up, you’ll know quickly by reading customer reviews. You can check the salon’s website directly, or the comments left on Google or the Facebook page. A good tip when you arrive in a new city.

12/ Ask for prices even if they are displayed in the window

It is difficult to evaluate the price of a haircut on your own. To avoid surprises, ask beforehand how much the haircut will cost, and be sure to say what you want. It doesn’t matter what is written on the window.

Clever tips to apply before going to the hairdresser to avoid unpleasant surprises!

And you, do you know other hair tips to apply before going to the hairdresser? Share your opinion with us in comments!

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