14 Things Women Secretly Like In Bed But Never Said

things women secretly like in bed but never said

By now we all know how important it is for a couple to have an exciting sex life full of surprises. Except that to achieve this, you have to start by knowing what the other person wants. So, there are many women who would like to do certain things in intimacy but don’t really dare to tell you gentlemen.


Just as you too have your little fantasies that you would like to be able to realize one day with your ideal partner, you should know that it is the same for the opposite sex. Women also have their own little fetishes that they hold dear. It’s time for you to discover these hidden desires because you’ll win in the end!

#14 Being filmed

Yes, women also like to see certain intimate moments over and over again, especially when they enjoy it. So don’t hesitate to suggest this to her because otherwise you can be sure that the subject will never come up. However, make sure that you are sure that she is consenting, do not film anything at all without her knowledge.


#13 Being tied up

Being tied up is part of many women’s fantasies. So the next time you have the opportunity, don’t hesitate to talk to her about it, there is a good chance that the answer will be positive, it will only make things more exciting.

#12 Use accessories

This fantasy remains in the same register as the previous one. It is indeed well known that women generally have a particular attraction for certain accessories like handcuffs for example. The tie is good, but using handcuffs allows to change the routine.

#11 Being blindfolded

The surprise effect is one of those elements that can make a sex life even more exciting. So don’t just include new props in your little games, also keep her guessing little by little what’s in store.


#10 Hot conversations

Your sweetheart likes to see that you are sweet and gallant in everyday life, but the bedroom is an exception to this rule. So don’t hesitate to unleash your inner beast because she’ll love it.

#9 Use lube

Men aren’t the only ones who enjoy these products, so don’t hesitate to offer some to your partner since women also like things to be, shall we say, fluid and wet.

#8 Role playing games

Submission games, for example, are much more common than you think and are part of what women crave deep down. You could also play the role of the doctor examining his “favorite patient”!

#7 Staying glued to you

The whole point of a night out with your significant other isn’t in the act itself, because she also expects you to be attentive and always make physical contact, even outside of sex, a priority for you.

#6 Watching adult movies with you

While she usually enjoys going to the movies with you or spending a Netflix night with you, you should one day offer to watch an adult movie with you and who knows, maybe it will be a unique experience for both of you!

#5 Use adult toys

Whether it’s whips or vibrators, know that she’s already thought about it at least once, so what’s the point of depriving yourself when you can surprise her and make things even more exciting?

#4 Getting your body dirty

Know that a woman doesn’t just like to wear makeup and take care of her appearance to always look good in your eyes. In intimacy, she also sometimes wants to do things differently, putting honey or cream on her body for you to lick.

#3 Shave you

They find it sexy to see a man shaving, so they would like to do it for you. So don’t deny them this little pleasure. You can offer it to her without hesitation.

#2 Striptease

A woman loves above all to feel desired and devoured by her partner. It is very likely that she wants to make you a striptease but does not dare to speak to you about it. So let your lover loose, it’s only good for both of you!

#1 Discuss

Your sweetheart will also want you to discuss serious things in bed, such as your future, as well as lighter, even fun things. She doesn’t want any discussion or contact outside of sex to be impossible. She wants a man, a real man, by her side.

So that was an overview of what many women want, but don’t forget that each of the above points depends on the personality of each woman.

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