23 Best Hairstyles For Short Hair With Bangs

Now more than ever, short hair and side bangs are a trend must. Why not combine them both and see what happens? This manner, you may have a single, really chic haircut. These hairdos are so stunning, and they’re not only a hit with us here at Dealzgreat — the stars do, too! Famous people who have short, chic hairstyles include Emma Stone, Taylor Swift, and Jennifer Lawrence. Here are 23 examples of how to style short hair with bangs to spark your imagination. From pixie cuts to bobs, there is a new hairstyle available for you. Look here for a fresh hairdo!


#23 Dakota Johnson, with short hair and bangs

The actress Dakota Johnson gives off a pleasant vibe with her new hairdo, a short bob with front bangs that rest on the forehead.

#22 Blonde, choppy, shoulder-length hair


In the next place, we have a blond style that’s now very in. With short, side-swept bangs, the hair is a touch longer up front than it is in the rear. The hair has a textured effect because to the modest layers. This chic new hairstyle is ideal for any woman looking to update her look.

#21 A Short Bob with Bangs on Both Sides

This can be the best option for you if you desire shorter hair but aren’t quite ready for the very short cuts. The chin-grazing bob cut ends just above the ears, and the accompanying side-swept bangs provide a modern touch. This style gives you a short haircut without being as extreme as the pixie and undercut trims. It’s a charming and stylish hairstyle that can be done by anybody.


#20 Long pixie cut

Most women are concerned that they won’t be able to achieve the same level of sophistication with their short hair as they can with their long hair. Even with short hair, you can make a beautiful look. This is an excellent illustration of the point. Curls provide volume and texture to this long pixie cut. Even the bangs that are brushed to the side have been curled. Because of the curls, this style is both very glamorous and voluminous. This kind of hair is ideal for those times when you want to turn heads, like a date night or a special event.

#19 A Bob that ends just below the chin and Bangs

Here comes another another “bob” concept. This bob is chin-length and has short, swept bangs. When compared to traditional bangs, they are closer in style to baby bangs due to their short length in the centre. To test the waters without making too big of a splash, this is a fantastic look to attempt. You are free to cut your bangs even shorter if you choose.

#18 Grey bangs are in style this season

You’ve come to the right place if you’re seeking for innovative fashion. A short grey style with side bangs may be seen here. Each individual’s hair is cut short, and the bangs are cut in a straight line across the forehead. Another instance of how chic baby bangs can be; for more impact, try cutting them even shorter.

#17 Short, layered hair with a bang on each side

In the following plan, we provide a lovely alternative to the longer method. The hair is a gradient of dark brown and frosty blonde, and it has long, side-swept bangs and a modern style. This is the epitome of elegance and class; a hairstyle like this is a total game-changer. You may go for a similar appearance with warmer blonde tones, or recreate this style. You’ll have gorgeous hair any way.

#16 Miley Cyrus’s Bangs and Short Hairstyle

The music star Miley Cyrus is wearing a chic and sophisticated Bob haircut that showcases her best features: a round face, petite, short hair, and front bangs that fall softly over her forehead.

#15 Cool Short Hair with Bangs

Here’s a style that’s right on trend: the wacky one. Here we see a short, graded cut with side-swept bangs and little weight. You may either attempt to copy the whole appearance by using the same color palette, or you can experiment with the cut by using a different shade. Try out the lovely braid on your new short hair; it’s gorgeous.

#14 Short Blonde Hair

There are several options for expedience. Here’s a cool one that’s currently in vogue. As part of this style, the hair on one side is cut shorter than the other in the front. An asymmetrical cut would result in a substantial length discrepancy. Today, asymmetric haircuts are a hot fashion trend. You have the option of a more dramatic cut, or a more subtle one, like this. You may also make your side-swept bangs seem great with this cut.

#13 Bob Cut with Layers and Bangs

Here comes another another “bob” concept. This bob is a little longer than the others we have showed you. It’s a lovely, low-maintenance cut with soft bangs. The bangs employed in this style aren’t as heavy and short as they are in the blunt straight across cut. If you’re a woman interested in attempting bangs but don’t want anything too extreme, this is the cut for you.

#12 Julianne Hough, Hair Cut Short, Bangs Shown Off

This new low-maintenance short hairdo, worn so well by Julianne Hough, is layered and has bangs. The short length and layered ends give this cut a spiky, whiplike appearance.

#11 Pixie Cuts Are Adorable

Another short crop is our next plan of attack. The bangs are long and swept to the side, and the hair is short. A lovely and stylish hairstyle that works for everybody. This is the kind of stuff that can be thrown on and looked great in no time. The featured color is stunning, so if you’re looking to make a dramatic change, dye your hair a hue that’s close to it.

#10 Short hair and a slick undercut

Searching for a cutting-edge cut that will make a dramatic difference in your hair? If so, read on. An undercut and sweeping side-swept bangs give this short haircut a cool, modern look. Hair on top and in the back are left long in an undercut, while the sides are buzzed short. It’s a trendy new style in a refreshing shade. You may have your haircut in whatever color you desire, including the featured options.

#9 Cottish Bob with Bangs in the Middle

The use of bangs varies from person to person. Center-parted bangs are a popular trend. Next, we’ll look at an example of how to elegantly implement that concept. This short, traditional bob has a center part and bangs. The curtain-like fringe is quite fashionable. We agree that the hairstyle is a sophisticated throwback. These bangs look better with longer hair and would not work well with a bob or short bob cut.

#8 Short, brightly-hued hairstyle

One of our next favorite cuts is this one. This classic short haircut has long bangs that are brushed to one side. The hue is what we like the most. Colors of brown, purple, and black intermix in the hair. It’s basically a one-of-a-kind color scheme that makes a big splash and amps up the flair. This is a lighthearted style that’s ideal for warm weather.

#7 Taylor Swift, bangs and all, with short hair

Taylor Swift, renowned singer, looks stunning with her new short wavy and curly haircut and front bangs. This pixie cut has layered curls that make it seem tousled and wavy.

#6 Modern short cut with swept-to-the-side bangs

The second suggestion is a less fussy, but still fashionable and wearable, hairstyle. This style has shorter hair on the back and sides and longer hair on top. There are bangs on the side as well. The black, straight hair is suitable for all seasons. That style of hair would look great on everyone.

#5 Jennifer Lawrence, with short hair and bangs

The short cut with bangs has been popular for many years. This is why Jennifer Lawrence, the princess, has a lovely short Bob cut with bangs that frame her face.

#4 Thin and Straight Bob with Side Bangs


We can’t wait to try out your next hairstyle concept. This is a sleek bob that falls just below the chin and has a blunt fringe. The bob and jet-black hair are a striking combination. This is a timeless look that can be worn by anyone. It’s up to you how you style the hair to see the different results. It’s possible to get a classy, edgy, or even retro appearance. That choice rests entirely in your court.

#3 Dye Your Hair Red


The next style is both daring and simple to implement. The short, pixie cut is a striking red color, and it is a signature of this style. You can’t go wrong with a deep and rich crimson in autumn and winter. The bangs are perfect; they’re not too extreme, but they do an excellent job of drawing attention to her lovely features. This hairstyle is perfect for those who don’t have time to spend on their hair every morning but yet want it to appear good.

#2 Short, fiery red hair

With hair like that, you can’t help but make a statement. This spiky red cut is short and sweet. Hair is shaved in the back and parted on the side. Long, side-swept bangs are another option. Such a cut is on-trend, dramatic, and intimidating. It’s up to you to decide whether you want to copy the exact tint or experiment with a brighter or darker version of it.

#1 Attractive Silver Hair

This may be just what you’re looking for if you’ve been thinking about trying out a new hairstyle and a bold new hue. We see a short, straightforward cut with a plain fringe. In addition, the hair has a silvery tint. That hue is fantastic; it gives a modern twist to an otherwise timeless style. This hairstyle will definitely set you out from the pack. If silver hair is not for you, try a comparable cut with a different color.

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Best Hairstyles For Short Hair With Bangs

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