4 Tips and Exercises for Losing Saddlebag Fat

The saddlebags refer to the subcutaneous fatty mass that is concentrated on the hips. Refining the upper thighs and dislodging the adipose cellulite accumulated in this area effectively requires efforts on several points. It is indeed necessary to adopt the right diet, tone up with the right physical activity, and not skimp on massages. So it’s not all about slimming and weight loss, especially since many women, both slimmer and rounder, have this small problem that is often considered unsightly. Here are the best strategies to lose your saddlebags quickly and effectively and reshape your figure.


The fat cells comfortably installed on your hips will hate you!

Review your diet to lose your saddlebags


There is no need to embark on a very restrictive diet or to starve yourself! However, it is still necessary to adopt a healthy diet to lose your saddlebags. Indeed, all the sugars (cakes, sweets, pastries…) and unsightly fats in excess tend to be lodged in the abdominal area for men. However, for women, all this fatty mass often favors the lower part of the body. To eliminate the saddlebags, you will have to :

-Fill up on fruits and vegetables rich in dietary fiber. In general, all foods rich in insoluble fiber and soluble fiber are preferred. Low in calories, they will absorb carbohydrates and fats.


-Limit alcohol, sugar and salt (which promote water retention)

-Avoid eating very fatty foods. Foods rich in saturated fats and junk food often have limited nutritional value and are directly related to the thighs.

-Without banishing fat completely, favor good fats over bad fats. Instead of omega-6 from peanuts, corn or sunflower oil, choose omega-3 from walnuts, rapeseed or flaxseed oil and omega-9 from olive oil for cooking.


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