50 SMS to say good night my love

SMS to say good night my love

Unfortunately, not all couples even get the chance to see one other on a daily basis, much less sleep in the same bed. So, sending each other goodnight texts is a great way to stay in touch.

The emotions are there, but there are no words to express them. You feel passionate for your partner, but you don’t know how to express it to them. Here is a collection of 50 goodnight messages for your significant other through SMS. We hope you find the perfect phrases to say good night to your loved one here. Always be sure to let the other person know how much they mean to you by putting your sentiments into words, no matter how obvious they may appear.

Below is a collection of good night greetings that you may send to your special someone

  1. I really want to be there when you finally nod off. You should know that I adore you and can’t wait to see you tomorrow.
  2. May you enjoy restful night’s sleep. As for me, I’ll be thinking about you right up to the time I close my eyes and dream about you. And then I’ll spend the rest of the night thinking about you in my dreams. Sweet dreams, honey.
  3. Rest peacefully, my dear.
  4. I can’t do anything without you. I know you’re not too far away, but I still can’t wait for you to return. Baby, you are my sweetheart.
  5. Five, the day may have ended, but my feelings for you will last forever.
  6. A kind message to bid you goodnight, my beloved. The two of us are inseparable.
  7. Good night, my life’s love, my nights’ love.
  8. You’re the man I’ll be with for the rest of my life, number eight. The most stunning aspect, though, is that you frequently play a leading role in my nighttime fantasies.
  9. I wish I could express to you how much I love you, but I find it difficult to do so at times. However, I am well aware that you already know that. You’ve always been incredibly patient. Sweet dreams, honey. To dream of me is to dream of me, and vice versa.
  10. Today has come to an end. Clear the road for the future of your ambitions. There is no doubt that I will track you down.

Sleep tight, my love

  1. I have met the man of my dreams.
  2. This evening, the stars are so beautiful that they almost overpower our affection for one another. They’re no match for our imaginations, though.
  3. Good night, and remember me in your dreams!
  4. I want for you dreams as lovely as your kisses and as gentle as your hugs.
  5. I’ll be sending you a nice text when you wake up in the morning, so I hope you have a wonderful night, wonderful dreams, and a peaceful day. This is how much I care about you.
  6. I can’t wait for that day when everything I’ve ever wanted finally happens.
  7. I can’t wait to turn in. I’ll be thinking about you at night and seeing myself in your arms.
  8. Someone is thinking of you from afar, beneath the same faint moonlight. A close emotional confidant who has faith in the transformative potential of dreams. My dear, I wish you a peaceful evening. Take care, and we’ll chat again tomorrow.
  9. I eagerly anticipate going to sleep so that my mind may fill with vivid visions of you.
  10. I look forward to our many evenings of intimacy. When do you think that will occur? I can’t wait to melt into the thick muscle of your arms.

I hope you have a loving night.

  1. Every night, I am reminded of how much I adore you. Enjoy your sleep and remember me! I cherish you.
  2. Because I’m thinking about you, all the stars will shine a bit brighter tonight. I send you good dreams.
  3. With you at my side, I can sleep soundly at night. Every night I have a fantasy that I’ll see you in the morning.
  4. Dreamy thoughts. Only you have managed to move my heart. You will always remain the owner of it. My one and only love, rest well. I cherish you.
  5. I am the happiest person in the world because I get to say good night and good morning to you every single day.
  6. Without you, my bed is so empty! And even if my pillow is cozy and fluffy, it cannot replace you. I’m hoping that you’ll be in my dreams. I kiss you ferociously.
  7. Until tomorrow, my darling. Sleep good tonight because I have a surprise for you tomorrow!
  8. My eyes won’t shut because they think I should have said good night to you. And with that, I bid you good night and have a lovely day.
  9. The nicest way for me to conclude each day is by thinking of you and wishing you a good night.
  10. Little jewel of my life, angel of my heaven, to you only I say good night. I love you.


Nothing can break the bonds of our love

  1.  Turn inside and shut your eyes. Soak up the perks of my love as it travels the stars in search of you.
  2. How, my darling, did I get to be so fortunate? When I go to sleep, I dream about the finest man in the world, who I get to spend my days with. Sweet dreams, sweetheart.
  3. It’s been a long day, and I understand that. Have a restful night, and may you dream beautiful dreams. Your dreams of me will feature angels.
  4. Take a deep breath and let the feeling of love sweep over you; the clock says 24. Heart, I wish you a restful evening and morning.
  5. Lastly, may your dreams be filled with nothing but me as you drift off to sleep tonight.
  6. Because the volume of a message is negligible, I may fill it with all my affection and care, guaranteeing you the most wonderful evening. Go to sleep, my love
  7. When you go to sleep tonight, may your dreams be filled with sweetness and joy. Give your mind and spirit a break and let my love flood your heart.
  8. As I go off to sleep with a whiff of your scent on my pillow, I allow myself to fantasize about spending the night in your company. Good night, sweetheart.
  9. Because it has been so long since I have spent a night without you in my arms, tonight will be a little bit different. Let’s not dwell on it and instead recall the wonderful times we’ve had at night. That’s how much a person like me cares about you.
  10. Tonight, thanks to the miracle of love, we are reunited. We may never be able to be together again, but our hearts will always remain connected. My heart and soul, good night!

How do you express your love?

  1.  They claim that dreams are the sleep literature. Therefore, you are my favorite book.
  2. Take a glance out the window before going to bed. Do you see the bright stars? Your dreams are protected by my love for you.
  3. My sweetheart I wish I was with you right now. Good luck and beautiful dreams tonight. I miss you. I cherish you.
  4. When you’re not there, the night might seem to go forever!
  5. Hush! My dreams. My darling, I dream about you. I hope you see me in your dreams as well.
  6. I send you a fantastic and naughty kiss that lands on your neck and your lips through this letter. It will come to an end on your eyes, causing them to close and drift off to sleep for a night filled with dreams.
  7. For everyone who dreams, the night lasts longer than the day. For those who pursue their aspirations, the day is longer than the night. Have pleasant dreams, my darling, so you can create them tomorrow!
  8. As I head to bed, I eagerly anticipate tomorrow. I shall see your sweet face once more and experience your passionate love.
  9. Rest well, my heart. I hope that your night is as lovely as my love for you.
  10. I can feel my heart beating while I’m lying close to you. Every heartbeat is a tribute to love.

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