7 hairstyles of stars to achieve easily at home

Star hairstyles that are easy to achieve in front of your bathroom mirror, and cost nothing but a little patience… You’ll be able to achieve great hair styles!


Ever dreamed of Angelina Jolie’s long hair, Blake Lively’s endless waterfall or Emma Watson’s sexy bob? Here are some easy-to-follow hairstyle tutorials you can watch on video!

1/ Beyoncé’s bun

With a simple hair donut and a rolled-up braid, think you’re the princess of pop! A puffy hairstyle, figuratively speaking.

2/ Cara Delevingne’s rocking side hair

The side hair is a bit of a mess and can be used in many ways. Here, it’s a thin side braid. Too easy!


3/ Brigitte Bardot’s shell

The famous Brigitte Bardot’s half-tail, a timeless classic, to choose with an XXL volume, like the French actress.

4/ Blake Lively’s wheat braid

This endless Scandinavian-inspired braid should work wonders on blondes and brunettes alike. Copy Blake Lively without moderation! She will certainly not hold it against you…

5/ Jessical Biel’s natural ponytail

A ponytail without frills, for a 100% natural look! If you are lucky enough to have the same hair type as Jessica Biel, this natural hairstyle will fit you like a glove.


6/ Eva Longoria’s banana bun

For a queen’s head, we copy the hairstyle of the beautiful Eva and its high volume.

7/ Jessica Alba’s sexy wave

To play the surfer, even in winter, the American actress Jessica Alba gives us her good hair tips and tricks.

What are your favorite celebrity hairstyles from this list of video tutorials? Have you ever tried to replicate a particular celebrity’s beauty routine? Share your hair opinion and experience with us in the comments! Do you like to copy the look of the stars?

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