8 Tips to Boost Self-esteem After Age 50

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Are you about to or have you already blown out your fifty candles? Congratulations and welcome to the fifties club! As our bubbly Michèle BERNIER says: “Oh, but I assure you, fifty is forty but better”! So here are our 8 tips to make the most of this decade that is offered to you. Life begins after 50!


8. Take care of your sleep

I say it over and over again: whatever your age, sleep is a treasure. In fact, Gwyneth PALTROW in her glowing 40s sleeps nine hours a night. Imagine what she’ll do when she’s fifty… So why not you?

Nevertheless, during the period of perimenopause (a nice word to say before, during and one year after menopause), it is common to have insomnia. I therefore advise you to practice an activity that will help you relax and fall asleep, such as yoga, meditation, etc.


You can also follow the 6 pieces of advice given by Patrick LEMOINE, a psychiatrist specializing in sleep:

  • Go to bed at set times (the first 3 hours of sleep are the most restorative)
  • Favour calm and darkness
  • Ban the computer and the tablet from the room, put your phone on “airplane” mode
  • Get up at set times
  • Get up early (preferably!)
  • Expose yourself to light as soon as you wake up (this has the effect of stabilizing your biological clock)

Finally, certain plants prepared in herbal tea can help you find sleep: valerian, escholtzia, passion flower and chamomile.

7. After 50: watch your diet


As you know, health and beauty also depend on what you eat. At fifty, it is therefore important to watch your diet.

Here are the nutrients and foods to focus on:

  • Fiber to stabilize your appetite
  • Good fats to produce the hormones needed to stay in shape (olive oil, fatty fish)
  • Protein to stabilize blood sugar and increase the feeling of satiety
  • Calcium for your bones
  • Fruit for snacks

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