Top 25 Amazing Almond Nail Design Ideas (Short & Long)

Almond Nail Design Ideas

Nails are something that most people don’t pay much attention to, but they can have a significant impact on how others perceive you. These Almond Nail Design Ideas are likely to spark some creativity within you. Once someone notices that their nails are chipping, their next thought is typically about how to fix the problem or about what kind of manicure they should have next. There are already a lot of options available on the market for dealing with this issue, but the almond-shaped nail design is the one that works the best. It has a wide form at its base, which gradually transitions into an oval shape as it grows in length, and it culminates in a completely pointed shape at its highest point. When the pattern is finished, it takes on the appearance of the outline of an almond.


Although almond nails can often be a little on the long side, this shape is generally regarded as the most suitable for nails that are somewhere in the middle. Those individuals who are likewise fond of having short nails can take pleasure in the almond-shaped nails that have been created just for their preferences. On the other hand, out of the many different almond nail designs that are now stocked in the shop to be used for nail design, we have selected the top 25 options for you to choose from. Do you think it would be fun to experiment with coloring and painting on your nails? Let’s explore.

Top 25 Ideas for Almond-Shaped Nail Designs

#25 A Squiggle in the Negative Space



The white paint on the acrylic nails in a zigzag pattern looks great on the whole hand. After you paint it on your nails, all you need is a toothpick and a clear topcoat to finish this nail design.

#24 Design for Short Blue and Green Almond Nails

Image Source: @daivaali


If you like dark and mysterious colors, you can use blue and green together. This manicure is perfect for anyone who likes a spicy vibe.

Green is the color of money, and blue is the color of kings and queens. The combination will show off your creative side, and this manicure is easy to do on your own.

#23 Clouds in Pink and Blue


The pink and blue clouds design goes well with the modern texture because it has different layers and colors on each hand. All of this makes a mismatched almond nail look look more put together.

#22 Snow Nails Fall

image source:heygreatnails

This snowfall nail design in the shape of an almond makes me think of fairies, mermaids, and unicorns without being too much. But the best part is when girls of all ages wear this on their almond-shaped nails and it looks cool.

#21 Purple and Gold Almond Nails

Image Source: @barebahamas

Do you like purple a lot? If you like manicures that are flashy and remind you of spring, you’ll love this one.

Make sure to ask your nail artist if they can do a similar manicure again. Go for this golden color detail and add a pop of color to your nails to make it more interesting.

#20 Metallic Silver


Over time, the metallic silver paint on the almond-shaped nails makes them swoon. This glow and shine can’t be matched, and it looks great on all shapes and sizes.

#19 Pale Pink Fade


The pretty pink color of the nails will never go out of style. When the colors get darker as the nail gets longer, it looks too fancy.

#18 Designs for pastel almond nails

Image Source: @ricekittynails

Why don’t you give these cool colors a try? If you like ideas that are soft, you’ll like this one. They are perfect for girls and women who like to look artsy and fun in the summer.

With this watermelon print and these contrasting colors, you can let everyone know that summer is here. Show them off when you go swimming.

#17 Short Yellow Almond Nails

Image Source: @nailfix.byvic

Almond-shaped nails are very popular this summer. Show them off everywhere you go to show that the color of the season is yellow.

On top of your almond-shaped nails, draw some soft and sweet nail art. Put a good top coat on it to make it last longer.

#16 Nails in Both Black and White

Image Credit: _aednails_

These gorgeous black and white nails with negative space display a high level of originality and design. They are the consummately ideal choice for every event.

#15 Daisy Design

Image Credit: nailsbybeckyxx

At first glance, these nails may appear to be nothing more than a series of white and yellow dots; however, if you look more closely, you’ll notice that they are, in fact, little daisy blossoms.

#14 Nail Designs in an Almond Shape with Pink Art

Image Source: @parkcity.nailbar

Make sure you give this manicure a shot if you have almond-shaped nails that are of a shorter to medium length. It has a delicate and girly feel to it, making it perfect for imaginative young women.

Attending a formal event is the perfect opportunity to flaunt your love of the color pink. The majority of women who like their nails to be their natural length look best with these club nails on them.

#13 Soft Pink

Image Credit: kendalkit

Here is a lovely set of acrylic nails with a simple design. These nails would look fabulous on anyone’s hands. Pick a shade that you will look forward to putting on each and every day.

#12 Tortoiseshell Nails

image credit:amyytran

It appears as though the nails are shelved along with the glasses, and the colors are floating within the design, thanks to the flawless design of this tortoiseshell design. The color and texture of the nails will change as a result of this.

#11 Vivid and Abstract

image credit:anetaujwary

This design appears to be a mishmash of a variety of colors, shapes, and patterns.

#10 French Manicure with Almond Nails and a Black French Tip

Image Source: @nailexpertsandspa

Just take a look at these nails to see how beautiful almond-shaped nails can be done in a French manicure with black polish. These are an absolute necessity for any woman who favors a mysterious and dark appearance for her nails.

You are not required to give yourself a white manicure like everyone else does. Try these dark-colored nail polishes on for size to shake things up and come up with something original.

#9 Nails with Glitter and Jelly

image credit:anetaujwary

The decade of the 1990s is evoked by this design, which features jelly and shiny natural elements.

#8 The Finest French Sage Tips

image credit:bluesy_nails

This story features a creative appearance with elegant hues, and it is manicured in the style of French love.

#7 The colors Purple and Gold

Image Credit: naiils_by_angela

These purple nails with gold accents would be excellent for you if you’re searching for something on the more sophisticated side of things.

#6 Accents with a Groove

image credit:_gabi.nails_

The two best fingers out of five have a modern design that gives them a tactile and refined appeal while also giving them a look that is reminiscent of the 1990s.

#5 The Rainbow’s End

image credit:blushnailartist

Justifying the rainbow points design perfectly is a zero color tone starting from the bottom and a plethora of colors starting at the top.

#4 French manicure in a stunning yellow almond color.

Image Source: @mariposa_studio

If you are the type of person who enjoys adding a splash of color to their nails, you should be aware that the color yellow is an absolute need and a winner for the summer season. It is up to you whether you put these nails on for regular wear or for more formal occasions.

You can make your manicure even more unique by topping it off with a dash of glitter and a few jewels. These are perfect for people of any age range.

#3 A Glitter Almond Manicure That Is Both Colorful And Artistic

Image Source: @nail_datewithalma

To what degree do you like to make your nails look dramatic? Do you find yourself drawn to concepts that are lively and vibrant? If you like color, sparkle and glitter, as well as shimmer, you should definitely give this a shot.

These almond-shaped nails are a simple way to draw attention to yourself and make a statement. They are ideal for formal events such as prom and birthday parties.

#2 Delicate Flower Patterns

image credit:amyytran

The color texture of a milky white tint, on which floral leaves are painted, encompasses the base of the nail and results in every other design.

#1 Purple and Lilac dreams

image credit:amyytran

The entire brown and grey pattern is a dreamlike one, much like its name, and it appears to be finished off with glitters of various vivid colors.

I really hope you’ve enjoyed looking through this collection of my favorite nail designs for acrylic almond nails. Be sure to check out some of my other posts, which are listed down below, if you’re looking for even more inspiration.

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