30 Amazing Spring/Summer Nails For Your Next Manicure

amazing spring/summer nails for your next manicure

Are you looking for a pair of gorgeous spring/summer nails to go with your tan? If that’s the case, you’ll like these lovely spring/summer nail designs!


Summer months provide us with a plethora of options for expressing our personalities via our manicures, ranging from bright pinks and oranges to pastels and nautically inspired nails.

If you want to switch up your typical manicure appearance or just get inspired, here are all of the greatest spring/summer nail designs that you can save for later and have recreated by you or your nail technician.

But, without further ado, here are 30 greatest spring/summer nail designs.


30. Chic butterfly wings in tropical colors

29. Geometric shapes as chic and artistic nail decorations

28. Nail art with chevron pattern

27. Graduated manicure full of shine!


26. Another idea where you can incorporate stripping tape to beautify your nails!

25. Exotic palm tree on the manicure with glitter polish

24. Tropical nail art

23. Watermelon Nail Art

22. Blue nail art

21. Acrylic Nails with a Cute Aesthetic

20. Nails With Cute Tropical Palm Leaves For Shorter Nails

19. Nail decoration for summer with glitter

18. French Tip Nails with a Dalmation Dog Print

17. Pink Nails with a Flame

16. Green Mint Nails

15. Pastel Rainbow Nails

14. Nail Art with an Evil Eye

13. Swirl Nail Design in Pastel

12. Pink Marble with Gold Accents

11. Nails with a Glitter Tip

10. Nails in orange and gold

9. Glitter Nails in Teal Blue

8. Nude Nails with a Red Tip

7. Nails with Pink Crystals

6. Rainbow Chromatic Nails

5. Nails with a Crystal Lattice Pattern

4. Nails in purple and gold

3. Nails with Polka Dots

2. Sunflower Nails Are Adorable

1. Lemon Nails That Aren’t Your Average (For Short Nails)

Which of these cute spring / summer nails were your favorites? Do you prefer cute pastel shades or bright and bold nails? Let us know in the comments below!

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