How to Apply Mascara Like a Makeup Artist?

maskara tips

At what point in your beauty routine should you apply it, how should you put it on your lashes, how long can you keep it on and how to remove it properly… Here are all our tips for putting on mascara.


How to apply mascara: key tips

Most makeup artists apply mascara after they’ve finished their complexion and eye makeup. If you ever slip up, it’s best to wait for the stain to dry rather than smearing it on. Then simply scrape the mascara off with the tip of a dry cotton swab. To optimize the mascara’s hold, makeup artist Bruno Vibert advises to very gently sweep a little loose powder over the first layer. Once dry, apply a second coat.

If you want to limit the cardboard effect of the lashes, it is not recommended to pass the brush more than three times. To avoid clumps, make sure there is not too much material on the brush. Are you having a workday and an evening out? Avoid touching up by going over the morning’s coat of mascara tips. Instead, gently remove the mascara with micellar water, even if you don’t want to remove it all, and reapply a new coat.

How to apply mascara to maximize lash volume

mascara tips


To boost the volume of lashes, choose a mascara with a thick brush that is well supplied with hairs. You should catch them at the root with the brush and then move it up to the tip with a zig zag movement.

How to apply mascara to curl lashes

Before applying the mascara, we pass the eyelash curler. Then, we apply the mascara from the root of the lashes to the tip by turning the brush on itself. For more precision, we stretch the eyelid with the help of the finger, as when we draw a line of eyeliner.

How to apply mascara to lengthen lashes

Before applying mascara, which is chosen with a rather long brush with large spikes, make sure to brush the lashes with a brush to separate them.


Remove make-up well without damaging them

Removing makeup with water is not enough, and a cleansing milk is not always effective. The ideal texture? A makeup remover oil, because the fatty substance dissolves more easily. Those who don’t like the sensation can turn to a biphasic makeup remover, composed of a fatty substance in smaller quantities. To avoid tearing the eyelashes during makeup removal, soak a cotton ball in makeup remover and leave it on the eye for a few seconds. One mass the eyelids by small circular gestures. We finish the make-up removal by removing the excess of the mascara having slipped on the eyelid. If one is really fussy, one uses a cotton stem also soaked with make-up remover to withdraw the recalcitrant traces with the level of the lashes.

How to keep your mascara?

Mascara is the makeup that keeps the least time. The make-up artist Bruno Vibert advises changing it every two-three months, six months maximum! The problem is that it dries very quickly and ends up clumping. To preserve it, we prevent air from entering the tube by avoiding the back and forth gestures. When applying it, take the brush out of the tube, then put it back in once the application is finished. Bruno Vibert advises nevertheless to add to a mascara which would have dried a drop of rose water with the softening virtues to prolong its life of a few weeks.

How to choose your mascara?

choose mascara

Which mascara to choose? Some women feel naked without it. Lash fringe lengthened, volumized, curled… Mascara is the must-have product in our makeup kit. However, finding the right one is not always easy. All our advice to choose the one that will make you look like a star.

Before investing in a new mascara, the question to ask yourself is what result you are looking for. Some prefer a natural look for everyday life and others want to obtain a more sophisticated smoky eye. Among the many types of existing brushes and textures, we choose the mascara that best meets our expectations and that suits our nature of lashes.

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Which mascara to choose if I want voluminous lashes

There are two categories of mascara brushes. Generally, the voluminous brushes are the thickest and are made of many hairs. They have the particularity to thicken the lashes. To optimize the volume, we apply it from the root to the tip of the lashes by making light movements in zig zag. The ideal is not to pass the brush more than three times at the risk of making clumps and of cardboarding the lashes.

Which mascara to choose if I want longer lashes

If your concern is to lengthen your lashes, the best choice is to choose a mascara with a fine brush made up of large spikes. These will allow to separate well the lashes and to lengthen them. For perfectly shaped lashes in the Twiggy style, we brush them with a brush before applying the mascara.

Which mascara to choose if I want curled lashes

The step of the eyelash curler is almost compulsory if you want to give your lashes a nice curly shape. Be careful to pinch the lashes before applying the mascara. In the opposite direction, we risk to break the most fragile lashes. To finish curling lashes too straight, we apply the mascara from the root of the lashes to the tip by turning the brush on itself. “It’s a bit like what you do when you curl your hair with an iron,” says makeup artist Bruno Vibert.

Which mascara should I choose if I want voluminous, curled and lengthened lashes!

And if you want all these effects at the same time, can you use several mascaras on top of each other? “It is better to avoid because often, one effect cancels the other,” explains the makeup artist. On the other hand, you can turn to these mascaras that are applied in two times. During the first pass, the white base is applied, which not only protects the lashes from pigments but also coats them and creates a cluster at the tip of the lash. This base must contain silk fiber proteins to be effective and coat the lashes as well as possible.

How to choose the color of your mascara?

mascara color

While black mascaras are popular, brown mascara is perfect for women with light skin and eyes who want a natural look. Dark-eyed brunettes can add a touch of light to their eyes by opting for a navy blue mascara paired with gray, taupe or khaki eyeshadow. You can also add a funky touch by daring to use pop mascara on the tips of your lashes.

Is choosing a waterproof mascara a good idea?

Today, most formulas are waterproof. But unless you’re going to the beach or to a wedding where you’re going to shed a few tears, the waterproof formula is not mandatory. Plus, it’s more complicated to remove.

I have thinning lashes

In addition to applying a voluminous mascara, to densify sparse lashes, Bruno Vibert suggests darkening the eyelid with a dark blush that you blend at the base of the lashes to create the illusion of a full lash line.

I have sensitive eyes

If you have sensitive eyes or wear contact lenses, be careful not to use mascara containing kohl powder. These large, imperceptible pigments can fly and fall into your eyes. Blue and purple mascaras should also be avoided, as the pigments they contain are highly allergenic and can be irritating. Fortunately, there are mascaras that are particularly suitable for sensitive eyes.

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