How to Apply False Lashes Like A Pro ?

false lashes

You’ve tried false eyelashes to perfect your most beautiful evening or party makeup, to no avail… It’s true that it may seem impressive, but it’s not as complicated as it seems. Follow this tutorial to learn how to apply false lashes.


When the holidays approach, we dream of achieving this little personal feat: successfully applying false eyelashes. But what if it turns out to be easier than expected? Makeup artist Gia Brascia shows us in a few steps how to achieve a perfect false lash application!

A few tips before starting to apply false eyelashes

  • To begin, choose false eyelashes not too thick, easier to apply and to wear
  • Do a test without glue, to understand how to apply false eyelashes
  • Do a few tests beforehand, to be ready for the big day
  • Place the false eyelash on an already made-up eyelid, to ensure that it stays put
  • Keep your mini tube of glue in your handbag, in case you need to touch up!

What you will need to apply false lashes

  • An eyelash curler (optional)
  • False eyelashes
  • A tube of false eyelash glue
  • A pair of tweezers
  • A pair of nail scissors
  • Cotton swab and makeup remover (to remove them)
  • Matte black eye shadow or liquid eyeliner

How to apply false lashes step by step

Step 1: Before you begin, measure the length of the false eyelashes to make sure they fit the size of your eye, and that they don’t fall off at the corners. If not, trim the outer edge with a small nail scissor.



false eyelashes

Step 2: Take both edges of the false eyelash and bend it to create a << C >>. Hold it like this for a few seconds. Your false eyelashes will be more flexible and it will simplify the application because their shapes will be adapted to that of your eye.


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