12 Easy Steps To Apply Makeup For Women Over 50

In order to apply makeup properly after 50, you should not be too heavy-handed about it. Too much makeup is unfortunately aging and unflattering for the face. Too much makeup deepens wrinkles and gives the impression of a tired face. The ideal is to achieve a fresh and natural everyday makeup. I even think that this should be the case for a woman of any age! So here I am going to reveal the formula for a nice fresh and natural makeup in 12 steps.


12 Easy Steps To Apply Makeup after 50

As I often like to say “Fifty is the new Thirty”, that is to say that “50 years is the new 30 years”. It’s an expression that comes straight from the United States and it couldn’t be truer. Today, a 50-year-old woman often looks 30! But the trend is reversed with too much makeup. It is the natural and sparkling face effect that is rejuvenating.

The makeup we wear is like the clothes we wear, it must evolve with time. At 50, you don’t dress like you did at 20, and you don’t wear makeup like you did at 20 either.


To highlight your skin after 50, the key word is natural! Don’t overdo it, opt for a FRESH and LUMINOUS makeup to avoid aging yourself.

Step 1: Cleanse your skin before applying makeup

Before you put any makeup on your face, make sure it’s clean. Healthy skin is skin that is easier to apply makeup on. Even if you remove your makeup before going to bed, clean your face again when you wake up.


You can clean your face with water only if you wish. In this case, I encourage you to use only cold water, even in winter. Cold water wakes up your face. It tightens the skin! It’s a really good beauty tip.

If your water is hard, I suggest you use a hydrate right after. Just put a little in your hands and gently pat your face with it. You can use cotton pads, but for my part, I think it’s a waste. Your hands are more than enough, especially if the product is a spray.

If you want to use a soap to clean your face, I advise you to choose a soft soap (cold process organic soap). Do not harm your skin with products that dry and damage the skin (like conventional soaps).

Step 2: Moisturize your skin before applying makeup

Moisturizing your skin is an essential step before applying makeup. Well-moisturized skin is nourished skin that looks plumped up and brighter. I find that when you put on cream, your skin looks instantly more beautiful.

The cream prevents skin aging, because it acts as a protective barrier. It will protect you from the external aggressions that your skin undergoes on a daily basis with the cold, the wind, pollution, etc. A well-hydrated skin is a skin which is damaged less quickly. I therefore advise you to have a good skin care routine. Choose good products and moisturize your skin morning and night.

To choose the best cream for your skin type. I strongly advise you to visit a dermatologist if your current cream does not satisfy you. You can find everything on the internet. People often play the sorcerer’s apprentice by suggesting all sorts of miracle creams. But I don’t agree with this. You have to choose a cream that is well adapted to your skin type and if you haven’t found it yet, your dermatologist could be of great help.

To apply your cream, always use upward movements. Do not pull your skin down. Start from the inside of your face and work your way out, but slightly upwards. The same goes for your neck. Apply your cream by moving your hands up your neck.

Moisturize your eye area. Don’t neglect your eye area either. Apply a special eye cream or fluid to moisturize your under-eye area and eyelids.

You can also opt for a vegetable oil. This is the most economical and effective in my opinion. Avocado oil and Argan oil are good choices.

Tip: The cold helps to deflate the under eye area and tighten the skin. I advise you to pass an ice cube every morning on the contour of your eyes and on your whole face.

Step 3: Hydrate from the inside out

Finally, I also recommend moisturizing from the inside out! Drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day. It’s not a legend, water is ultra efficient to fight against skin dehydration. Don’t forget that even very oily skin can be dehydrated.

Step 4: Choose a tinted product adapted to your skin

After the age of 50, a tinted moisturizer is preferable to a foundation because it is much lighter. It is perfect for evening out the complexion without marking wrinkles. Foundations tend to deepen wrinkles, so they should be avoided.

Tinted moisturizer is a cream that will even out and moisturize your complexion. You won’t need to wear a moisturizer underneath. I even advise you to opt for a tinted cream with a sun protection factor. You should use a sunscreen all year round and it’s even more convenient if it’s already in your makeup.

Use a concealer to hide your imperfections. Tinted moisturizer is not meant to cover up large imperfections. It just makes you look good by unifying your complexion and bringing light. If you want to hide your imperfections, use a concealer. But only apply it to your blemishes. The best way to do this is to use a small brush and apply the concealer before the tinted moisturizer.

How to apply a tinted moisturizer:

  • With a brush from the inside to the outside so that the finish is uniform
  • With your fingers, applying the cream from the inside to the outside as well

Finally, I recommend that you choose a tinted moisturizer of the same color as your skin. The cream should blend in perfectly with your skin. The best reference point is the neck. If your cream is the same color as your neck, then it is the right shade.

Step 5: Use a mineral powder if you have combination to oily skin

Tinted moisturizer is not always suitable for combination or oily skin. If you have combination or oily skin, I suggest you turn to a mineral powder. The mineral powder will look like a tinted moisturizer. It is light on the skin and evens out and brightens the complexion, but without making the face greasy.

However, it does not moisturize the skin. So use a non-greasy day cream (possibly prescribed by your dermatologist) before applying the powder. Then add a non-greasy sunscreen right after the day cream.

Tip: Remove the lid from the powder jar, as it is not practical at all. The powder is supposed to come out of the holes, but that doesn’t work. It’s much more convenient without.

Step 6: Apply concealer

Concealer is going to help you hide your dark circles and/or brighten up your under eye area. This is the same product that can also be used as a concealer to hide your skin imperfections. It is applied locally before applying your tinted cream or mineral powder.

Choose a creamy or liquid concealer half a shade lighter than your tinted product or the same color. Choosing a slightly lighter shade will help illuminate the under eye area.

Apply with a brush or finger. There is no need to use a lot. If you choose a good product, it will cover your dark circles with very little material. Also, be aware that if you put on a lot of concealer, it will mark your under-eye lines a lot.

Step 7: Apply a loose powder veil

Apply a loose powder veil over your concealer. This will allow your concealer to last all day without getting into the fine lines under your eyes. For my part, I use a fine, soft-bristled brush. I dip it lightly into the powder. Then I tap the brush on the rim of the powder jar to remove the excess and then I tap it lightly under my eyes. I use very little, because otherwise I find it grays out the underside of my eyes.

If you have combination skin you can also apply a veil of powder on your T-zone. This will allow you to mattify this area. However, only apply powder all over your face if you have oily skin.

Step 8: Apply blush or pencil to your eyebrows

Work your brow line with a brown blush or eyebrow pencil. Choose a color as close to your natural brow color as possible.

Step 9: Apply light eye makeup after 50

You don’t have to wear makeup on your eyelids at all. On a day-to-day basis, the lighter your makeup, the better it will look. But if you want to make up your eyelids, I advise you to do something simple in order to enlarge your eye without overloading it.

Use a brown blush and apply it like an eyeliner. Then apply it with a very fine beveled brush that you will wet a little beforehand. The water will allow a more intense pigmentation of the shadow on your eyelids. But you can also use a brown pencil.

You can also apply a little blush on the lower lash line to give your eyes a little more depth.

If you want to make up your eyelids. I recommend using a neutral shade that is close to your skin tone. For a fresh and rejuvenating everyday makeup look, this is a better option than overly intense shades.

Finally, apply mascara to your lashes to open up your eyes a little more. Emphasize the outer corner of the eye to create a doe-eye effect.

Tip: If you don’t have naturally curled lashes, use an eyelash curler. The effect is magical!

Step 10: Apply blush

Apply an orange or pink cream blush depending on your skin tone to add freshness to your complexion. If you have dry or normal skin on your cheeks, opt for a cream blush to give your cheeks a satin finish. Otherwise, opt for a powder blush.

Powder blush is applied with a soft brush. Cream blush, on the other hand, is more easily applied with a duofiber brush or finger.

Step 11: Wear a fresh lipstick

At age 50, lips become thinner. So it’s more flattering to opt for a gloss or satin lipstick to give your lips some shape. Use a fresh color like a pink or peach to enhance the healthy glow of your makeup.

Tip: If your lipstick tends to run into the lines around your mouth, use a lip liner. Use a pencil that is exactly the same color as your lipstick.

Step 12: Remove your makeup

The most important thing for a beautiful makeup look every day is to have healthy skin. For this, I invite you to never skip the makeup removal step. You should always go to sleep with a clean skin free of any trace of makeup.

To remove your makeup as simply and effectively as possible. I advise you to do it directly with soap (organic and cold saponified) and warm water. Use a good soft organic soap like the one presented at the beginning of this article. Soap your face twice and you will see that everything will disappear, even your eye makeup. Only your lips will need an extra makeup removal step. For your lips, use a vegetable oil (olive oil or whatever) before soaping them. The oil will loosen the lipstick, which will then come off much more easily with the soap.

Be aware that products like micellar water are not ideal for the skin. They are products that cause pimples and leave impurities on the skin. After all the makeup removers I’ve tested, it’s really the soap that wins the competition hands down. It was recommended to me by my dermatologist and I’m so glad I did.

Makeup tutorial for women over 50

All this may seem too complicated, but when you are used to it and have the right products, it is very quick. Every woman can find 15/20 minutes in the morning to do a nice fresh and refined makeup for going to work or going out in the evening for example. Take time for yourself, it’s very important, life goes by fast, don’t waste time, look your best and feel confident, you deserve it!

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