10 Quick Exercises To Get Rid Of Back Fat At Home

Want to lose fat? It’s true that these little bulges are not very attractive…


Especially when you wear T-shirts and tank tops… Do you wonder what to do to lose weight and lose your love handles quickly?

Don’t panic! There are effective exercises to build up the muscles of this part of the body that is too often neglected.

We have selected for you 10 easy exercises to do at home to lose fat quickly.


Look at:

#10 Make circles with the arms

Raise your arms.

  1. Keep them parallel to the ground.
  2. Make forward circles by squeezing your shoulder blades together for 45 seconds.
  3. Rest for 15 seconds.
  4. Repeat the exercise, making backward circles with your arms.

#9 Back, shoulders with incline and weights routine

  1. – Stand with feet parallel and hip-width apart.
  2. – Bend your knees slightly.
  3. – Lean your chest forward, pulling your shoulders back slightly.
  4. – Bend your arms and raise them, squeezing your shoulder blades together.
  5. – Lower your arms back to the starting position.
  6. – Do this exercise for 45 seconds and recover for 15 seconds.

To increase the efficiency of this exercise, you can do it while holding weights.

Note: Be careful to keep your back flat and straight. You should not arch or bend your back.

#8 The Tilt with weights

This exercise is very similar to the previous one: same starting position and same movement.

But this time, you have to lift the weights 5 times in a row before stretching your arms so that they return to their initial position.

You have to do this exercise for 45 seconds in a row and then rest for 15 seconds.

Again, be careful to keep your back straight and flat: no bending or arching!

#7 The superman exercise

The superman exercise is an extremely effective exercise of gainage.

  1. Lie on your stomach with your arms and legs straight.
  2. Keep your arms and legs straight.
  3. As you contract your abs and glutes, lift your arms and legs as high as possible.
  4. Return to the starting position.
  5. Do this exercise for 45 seconds and then release for 15 seconds.

This exercise will strengthen the lower back.

Be careful! The head remains in the prolongation of the back: the neck is in neutral position.

You must not snap your neck. If you ever have pain in the neck, it is because you are putting too much pressure on the neck.

#6 The parachute exercise

  1. Lie down on your stomach with your arms by your sides.
  2. While contracting your buttocks, slightly lift your chest and shoulders off the ground. The arms are lifted as well. Feet remain in contact with the floor.
  3. Bringing the shoulder blades together, bring the arms back to shoulder level by bending the elbows.
  4. Then extend the arms forward.
  5. Return to the starting position.
  6. Do this exercise for 45 seconds and then release for 15 seconds.

This exercise is a perfect complement to the superman exercise. It works the back muscles (quadriceps) and the obliques.

#5 The static superman

We start in the same position as the superman. Then when the arms and legs are stretched and lifted, we maintain this position for 45 seconds…

Or more if you can!

  1. Breathe regularly throughout this exercise.
  2. After holding the position for 45 seconds, release.
  3. If you don’t hold for 45 seconds the first time, it’s okay. Do it gradually.

You will quickly progress and reach your goal. This exercise is very effective for building up the lower back and abs.

#4 The windmill

  1. Stand with your legs straight, more than shoulder width apart.
  2. Rotate your torso to one side until your hand touches the opposite foot. The other hand is extended in the air.
  3. Stand up and do the same movement on the other side. The goal is to make a large rotation of the torso.
  4. Keep your back straight and use your abs.
  5. Do this exercise for 45 seconds and rest for 15 seconds.

#3 Reverse Facelift

  1. Lie on the floor.
  2. Place your fingers behind your ears with your elbows touching the mat.
  3. While contracting your lower back, gluteal muscles and abs, lift your entire torso as high as possible.
  4. Hold this position for a few seconds and slowly lower yourself back down.
  5. Do this exercise for 45 seconds and release.

Be careful, you must not lift only the head, otherwise you will overtax the neck. If your neck hurts, you are pushing it too hard.

#2 Tighten and stress the back

Like the superman, lie down on the floor.

  1. While contracting your glutes, abs and lower back muscles, lift your chest.
  2. Extend your arms forward.
  3. Then by tightening the shoulder blades, bend the arms to the sides and bring them back along the body without touching the ground.
  4. Do this exercise for 45 seconds and then relax for 15 seconds.

The goal is to work the back muscles and shoulder blades. This is an effective exercise to strengthen This is an effective exercise for both the upper and lower back.

#1 Swimmer

  1. Start lying on the floor.
  2. Stretch your arms and legs and then, while contracting your abs, lift your chest off the ground.
  3. Raise your left arm and left leg at the same time and keep your balance.
  4. Then do the same thing on the other side.
  5. Do this exercise for 45 seconds and then release for 15 seconds. And there you have it, you know how to build up your back and lose back fat.

Why should you build up your back?

It is very important to strengthen your back. Of course, there is an aesthetic side, but not only.

Building up your back muscles has a positive impact on your health. According to scientists, you should do exercises that target each part of the back.

A toned, muscular back helps to maintain good posture, protect the spine, and eliminate bulges and love handles.

These exercises will help you achieve these goals. But only if you do them right!

If you’re not used to doing them, it’s best to be well supervised.

If it’s your first time doing them, it’s best to do them with a professional.

This way, he or she can explain to you how to do them correctly without hurting yourself.

Now it’s your turn…

Have you tried these exercises to eliminate back fat? Tell us in the comments if it worked for you. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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