6 Amazing Banana Peel Uses You Should Try Right Now

Amazing Banana Peel Uses You Should Try Right Now

A banana is not only good tasting, but also good for your health!
And we are certainly talking about the fruit of course, not the peel.


But, have you ever wondered if the peel can be used for anything?

You don’t give it a chance and head for the garbage can!

You don’t know what you are missing.


After these few lines, you will know how much you have wasted until now, maybe tons of peels, who knows, that could have changed your life.

6 Amazing Banana Peel Uses You Should Try Right Now

#6 For the peel:

The nutritional value of a banana is also in the peel, except that we eat only the fruit, because it is more delicious.

Know that this composition has countless virtues for your skin if you apply these few gestures:


-Clean your face well then put banana peels on it, rinse a few minutes later.

-By rubbing it also against a trace of insect bite, its strong content of minerals and vitamins, quickly alleviates itching.

-Apply a bandage on the warts by placing a banana peel on them and they will disappear.

-Since nails are sometimes considered a part of your flesh, it can be used as a stain remover.

#5 For the hair:

Here’s a great tip to repair your hair with banana waste:

-Cut the peel into small pieces.

-Put them in the bottle of your usual shampoo.

-Or mix them with a little water and use the mixture as a hair mask.

Apply and contemplate the shine and brilliance!

#4 For health:

Stress, anxiety, insomnia.., we all know these troubles!

If you don’t like herbal tea or don’t have time for massages, here is a better alternative:

-Start by removing both ends of the banana peel.

-Then boil it in water.


-Let it cool and then drink it.

This is a source of magnesium.

You can add honey or cinnamon to your banana tea!

#3 For cleaning:

banana peel for cleaning

Feel like shining up some objects or furniture that have become dull over time?

Here are some ideas:

-Grind banana peel then mix it with water and polish the silverware with this solution for a flawless shine.

-Rub it directly on your leather sofa, or even a bag, jacket or boots, let it dry and then wipe with a clean, dampened sponge.

#2 For the kitchen:

A banana peel is capable of tenderizing meat.

You can slip it into your pot when cooking.

Don’t worry, no fruity taste will spoil your meal.

Plus, you would benefit from the nutritional value of the dish.

#1 For the garden:

As you would have understood, this peel can enrich your compost.

Just crush it and add it to your fertilizers.

It will be a basic source for the correct nutrition of your plantations and healthy and balanced growth.

Plants always need vitamins and minerals!

What do you have to lose after all?

Instead of cluttering the garbage cans with waste, try recycling some of it like banana peels, or eggshells too, and use it for various purposes.

Beauty, cooking, DIY, gardening… Nothing is lost, everything can be transformed!

And at the service of whom in the end?

At your service!

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