12 Best Hairstyles and Haircuts for Women Over 60

A 60-year-old woman’s haircuts does not mean something boring. On the contrary, depending on the given circumstances, it can be worn in a super elegant way, adopt the form of a bohemian hairstyle or simply emphasize the assets of the face in a casual way. What is certain is that ladies who have long ago found their individual style know perfectly well how to present themselves in style. However, they may need a little inspiration in the form of a gallery of beautiful photos…


Fashion is cyclical and the 60+ year old ladies have certainly seen the latest trend you just discovered on Pinterest. What’s more, they’ve probably already seen it through their own particular prism a couple of decades ago. From the coloring that flatters them the most to the impressive party hairstyle achieved in no time, senior chicks know the basics very well!

But before you style or color your hair (or make the conscious choice to leave it natural), you have to take the first step and decide how long to cut it and what style to do, right? In fact, this is the most important step because even the most experienced stylist couldn’t make a poorly chosen cut work. Here are our ideas on the subject!


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