19 Best Outfit Ideas With Black Faux Leather Pants

Black Faux Leather Pants

Leather is never going out of style. This year, faux leather pants are all the rage. Plus, they come in a variety of styles and colors. But, if you are one of the fans of black, feel free to choose your outfit with black faux leather pants in the following list. Here are 19 best outfit ideas with black faux leather pants.


Outfit with black leatherette pants

Pants with straight legs and tapered ankles are very trendy at the moment. They are ideal to get a casual chic look. Pair the faux leather pants with a vest or jacket, belt and boots to complete your outfit. Take into account that high-waisted faux leather pants are a great option to tuck in your sweater and show off your belt. In this case, opt for a colorful sweater to further energize your look. If you want to highlight the leather pants, opt for a simple outfit, betting on a top in beige, white or gray. For a colorful minimalist look, don’t be afraid to pair the faux leather pants with a colorful coat and simple flat shoes.

High-waisted faux leather pants are a great option for tucking in the sweater

Look with wide leather pants

Faux leather pants seem to be making a comeback. But instead of skinny leggings, it is the looser styles that are most popular. Whether paired with stilettos and a white tee, or boots and a cropped sweater, leatherette pants instantly add glamour to any outfit without any effort. What’s more, they’re incredibly comfortable! Note that a black turtleneck and a pair of stylish ankle boots are great additions to pair with wide-leg leather pants. Pair your pants with a leather blazer and a simple top for a 90’s chic look. Put the finishing touch with the right accessories.


Look with wide-leg faux leather pants

Leather pants for an evening look

For a night out on the town, consider putting on leather pants that you can wear with a cool crop top. Complete your outfit with a playful animal print clutch. Or, opt for high-waisted leather pants and a lace V-neck top. Add a blazer and strappy stilettos to complete the look. Know that you can wear a black long sleeve blouse for a monochromatic and chic look. Don’t hesitate to try pairing the black leather pants with a white graphic tee and a blazer with rolled up sleeves. The matching heels are the excellent complement to the outfit.

Leather pants for an elegant evening look


Women’s casual wear

To adopt a casual look, consider putting a denim blouse with leatherette pants. Wear a sport jacket with straight or flared faux leather pants. Pair the black pants with a sweater of the same color to create a monochromatic vision. Another idea – tuck the top in to emphasize your waist. Try making your faux leather pants casual by pairing them with a pair of sneakers. You can even opt for a casual top, like a t-shirt. For a casual ensemble, pair leather sweatpants in a contrasting color with a cropped top.

What top to wear with faux leather pants for a casual chic look?

Create a nice contrast between the stylish texture of your leatherette pants and a fuzzy sweater in a bright color, the more oversized the better. For a professional look, pair your black leather pants with a sleek blazer. Complete the look with heels and a trendy handbag.

For a professional outfit, pair black leather pants with a stylish blazer

What jacket to wear with leather pants?

If you’re a fan of leather, pair your faux leather pants with a leather jacket for a total glam look. Or, opt for a sport or denim jacket if you want to go for a casual look. Don’t forget that you can wear a blazer or a smart jacket for evenings out on the town. Dare a bold colored jacket to enhance a monochrome outfit.

How to wear the full leather look?

The total leather look may seem intimidating, but the key is to add a splash of bright color and attractive accessories or shoes. Just keep the rest of your outfit neutral. Take into account that the total leather look has a practical yet stylish feel to it. However, this look as cool as it is can protect you from the cold as well as the wind!

The full leather look is both practical and stylish

Look with black women’s perfecto

The leather jacket is an absolute must-have for any stylish wardrobe. From classic moto jackets to comfortable styles, you can choose the one that best suits your style and budget. Whether you wear it with jeans and a t-shirt or with an evening dress, your outfit will leave no one indifferentе. What’s more, the black perfecto always adds an effortlessly elegant touch to any outfit. No matter what style your perfecto is, know that it is versatile and perfect for every season.

The black perfecto is versatile and perfect for every season

What shoe to wear with faux leather pants?

Note that you can pair any type of shoe with the faux leather pants. From strappy heels, open toe or closed toe to rubber or leather boots, the choice is yours. Pay attention to the match of the shoes with the look you want to adopt.

Any type of shoe goes with the faux leather pants

The monochrome outfit is completed here by the leopard print coat

leather pant idea for an evening out on the town

Here is how to wear the full leather look

Casual chic style that stands out

Casual chic style that stands out

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