21 Trending Hairstyles and Haircuts for Black Women

black woman hairstyles

There is an amazing variety of hairstyles available, and countless of inspiring examples may be found on Instagram. That being said, it’s not always easy to settle on a new look for your hair. DEALZGREAT wants to make your life easier. To help you save time and energy, we’ve compiled a shortlist of our favorite hairstyles that we think you’ll love. Here are 21 black women hairstyles that you need to try right now. Beautiful braids, stylish updos, buns, ponytails, and more can all be found here. Some trendy suggestions for dyeing your hair are included. Look at it, please. We have faith that you’ll be able to discover a stunning new look for the year 2023!

#21 The Incredible Bob


One of our favorite go-to hairstyles is the wavy haircut for black ladies. The shoulder-grazing bob is finished with lovely, natural-looking waves. It strikes a nice middle ground between disorder and polish.

#20 Cornrows in striking black and blue

Source: @jess_jessy.s

One of the first looks we’ll be demonstrating for you is a modern take on the classic side ponytail: cornrows. These braids are thick and at first seem black, but around the halfway point, a bright blue hue is woven into the hair. A chic gold cord finishes off the braids. As you can see, the black and blue color scheme is a favorite of ours since it is so bold and striking.

#19 Full-Faced Dreadlocks


We present one of 2019’s most sought-after natural braided hairstyles. Fashion for dreadlocks, particularly those with extra adornments, has returned. It’s a simple, chic, and hassle-free hairdo option. This look is accentuated by the usage of white thread.

#18 Locs That Are Very Long And Textured

Source: @blackhair_flair

The subsequent haircut is much more loc-heavy. The locs in this case are textured and come in a variety of colors, and they’ve been dressed in the current “half up, half down” fashion. The use of light and caramel blonde tones is quite lovely. This hairstyle is the epitome of elegance and sophistication. You may either re-create the lengthy locs or experiment with a shorter take on the look. Your hair will be stunning in any case.

#17 Cozy Bun Bun Updo

Source: @moxieshair_

Want a simple, but fashionable, look? If that’s the case, we may have found the solution. On get this look, a low bun was created and braided to one side. We can’t tell from this angle whether the hairstyle consists of a single bun in the center or a pair of braids and buns on each side of the part. The truth is, however, that any one would be stunning. The options are to make a single bun with a side braid or two buns. Both are effortless looks that are universally flattering.

#16 Buns with Extensive Braids


A different version of a well-liked braided hairdo for black ladies. This pompadour updo is made with cornrows that are transformed into two twist braids and then knotted in an ornate method. It’s beautiful in its own special way.

#15 Curly Ponytail

Source: @lerato_falasie

In awe of the ponytail craze? If so, you won’t want to miss this. This individual has a high-up braided ponytail. The hair is artfully braided on top of the head, and the ends of each braid are tipped with a ring of curls. The design and color are stunning and modern. Anyone can benefit from having hair like this, and you can easily replicate this style or experiment with a new color for the braids. You may try out different amounts of curling product to get the ideal look for you.

#14 The Marley Twist Ponytail

Source: @braidsforyoubyme

Now, a fashionable suggestion for your hair. These Marley twists are medium in size, and they were arranged into a high ponytail. The twisted hairstyle is particularly lovely when worn in an updo. This hairstyle’s adaptability lies in its ability to be dressed up or down. It may be worn to both casual outings and formal occasions. You may either leave your hair like this or experiment with a brightly colored ponytail.

#13 Cute Beads in a Braided Bob

Source: @ijeomakola

The second example is a braided bob, a chic and fashionable take on the classic bob. The Fulani braids of this haircut are adorned with pretty beads. It’s a beautiful, relaxed look that’s ideal for warm weather. The items needed to get this bob are listed below, along with a link to a YouTube lesson explaining how to achieve the look.

#12 Space Buns for Style


Here is another another picture of a black woman wearing Fulani braids. However, with this one, you can have the best of both worlds: space buns and Fulani braids. There’s something cool and hip about this cut.

#11 Curly, Long Ponytail Braids

Source: @fleekdbyshay

The next ponytail consists of braids. This time around, the hair is braided and up, but there’s still plenty of wavy, curly hair on display. The combination of the braids and the curls makes for a beautiful and modern haircut. An additional style that may be worn with ease while still looking stunning. This long ponytail is easy to replicate, and shorter versions are available.

#10 Passionate Twists That Go Both Ways

Source: @petite3ssence

Nowadays, half-up, half-down hairdos are an absolute need. The following style suggestion is a gorgeous model of the kind of hairdo you might make. Hair is twisted into a passionate style for this appearance. The other half is pulled back into a tight bun. This style allows you to have both beautiful free hair and a chic updo.

#9 Contemporary Black Braid Hairstyles with Lots of Twists and Volume


Short or long, your hair will look fantastic in two-strand twists. This is a long-haired variant of the popular hairstyle of two-strand twists. Because of their versatility and ease of execution, twists are a popular choice among black women who want to wear braids.

#8 Zigzag Sections in a Cornrow Braid

Source: @queenlecreations

To stand out from the crowd, try employing a variety of parting designs in your hair. Big, zigzag sections of cornrow braids may be seen here. The zigzags are a modern touch that elevate the otherwise plain strands. If you want to keep things straightforward, you can, but if you want to add some color, you can make this look even more daring. These braids would be very gorgeous in a silvery grey ombre.

#7 Coarse Two-Braid Cornrows

Source: @brosiaaa

The next hairdo is stunning. Two feed-in braids, embellished with lovely shells and rings, serve this purpose. It’s another foolproof style that works for every head shape. If you want to know how to do these braids, you can find a guide on the Instagram page I’ve linked below. It seems like these braids were made for the summer.

#6 Thread Box Braids

Black lady with gigantic box braids. They’ve got a dedicated fan base. In addition to being a stylish and practical hairdo, these braids may also serve as a useful kind of hair protection. The white thread improves the overall appeal and ups the fashion factor.

#5 Prolonged Goddess Box Braids

Source: @braidsasyoulikeit

Upgrade your hairstyle with these chic braids. Very long braids and gorgeous loose curls make up the hairstyle. Gold cuffs are a trendy addition to certain braids’ already luxurious aesthetic. If you want to create a bold fashion statement and set yourself out from the crowd, this is the way to do it. Another fashion that would pop in a vibrant hue is this one.

#4 Feed in Braids with Statement Making

Source: @conqueredhair

We showed you a braided braids hairdo earlier in the article. Those who found value in that concept may also like this other take. Another iteration of the style is shown here. We’re sporting sleek, long braids now. Additionally, the braids are fashioned into a single, thicker braid in one area. As you can see, it has a very modern and distinctive appearance. You may either replicate this hairdo or experiment with a new braiding design.

#3 Red-hot, braided bob

Source: @nneunfiltered

We go on to a daring red hairdo next. The hair is braided and cut into a bob for this style. The bob has a chic asymmetrical length difference on one side. More than that, the braids are a blazing red color and are adorned with other details. For the bold and beautiful women out there, this is the ultimate hairstyle.

#2 Bun Held High with Braids

Source: @fancy_claws

One more hairstyle demonstration will be shown, and it too involves a bun. This bun is worn high on the head, and the braids below it and on top of the head have a unique design. It’s an elegant and sophisticated hairstyle, just right for a formal gathering. You may either replicate this exactly or experiment with other braiding styles.

#1 Trendy Cornrow Braids


Another convenient and fashionable hairstyle for black women is the box braid. Regardless of your hair length, this is a fantastic protective style to try. Be sure to give the edges some flair. Look how lovely they make the haircut look!

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