10 Stunning Bridal Hairstyles For Long Hair

bride hairstyles

Looking for a hairstyle that will make you look great on your wedding day? You’re bound to find something you like! This will give you many ideas to make your bridal hairstyles spectacular on the big day while matching the theme of your beautiful day and your wedding dress. So, which wedding hairstyles so 2022 will you choose after viewing our gallery?


At the very least, you may entrust us with the task of selecting the ideal wedding hairstyle for your long hair. To try during your next hairdresser trial, we’ve compiled 10 of our favorite wedding hairstyles. And, just in case, we’ve supplied the tools and supplies you’ll need to get there.

See 10 bridal hairstyles for long hair below.

1. Chignon and Tiara

bridal hairstyles-tiana

The tiara helps to make this look even more gorgeous, but this bride’s relaxed bun is also a factor! For those who insist on having their hair tied up, this elaborate but not overly formal wedding hairstyle is right on-trend.


2. Semi-remonted

bridal hairstyles -semi Remonted

A few strands have been pulled up and tied back on top of straightened hair and then waved into big strands – this look is so chic!

3. Detached

bridal hairstyles - detached


Traditionally, we didn’t see a lot of fully unbound hair on brides, probably because it was seen as too simple for special occasions. But in the last few years, this has changed a lot! These waves are very glamorous, not to mention that this hairstyle is very comfortable.

4. Low bun

bridal hairstyles - chignon

The chignon is still a beautiful wedding hairstyle! Here’s an updated version: not too tight, slightly asymmetrical, with a few strands sticking out.

5. Topknot

bridal hairstyles - chignon haut

A top knot bun is also a great option! It allows you to completely clear your face and neck on hot days. The addition of an ornament adds to its chic.

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6. Raid

bridal hairstyles - raid


Another great idea: a half-crown braid, with a few small flowers in it, on full-length curls.

7. Ponytail

bridal hairstyles - ponytail

Long hair tied up is also very beautiful! The lengths have been curled into bunches to give them texture and volume. A nice piece of jewelry completes this wedding hairstyle.

8. Twist

bridal hairstyles - twist

The wavy hair was twisted and then tied into a half-couette, with lots of volume on the crown. A few strands were pulled back close to the face.

9. Waves from the past

bridal hairstyles-waves

Vintage finger wave bridal hairstyles with long hair are my absolute favorite. The flowing S-pattern of this Old Hollywood hairdo has a romantic and elegant feel to it.

Braided Romantic Hair

brides hair-romantic braids

If you have thick hair, braids are a beautiful choice that may be smooth and groomed or textured and disheveled. Braids are also a terrific way to show off a beautiful hairpin or a spectacular new hair color. Braided styles provide several possibilities, including crown braids, fishtail braids, french braids, and braided strands.

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