26 Gorgeous Christmas Nail Designs You can easily DIY

It’s getting close to sweater time! Yayy!! Is it only me who loves winter? When it starts snowing and I get to remain in bed later than usual under warm covers, I feel a rush of joy. Those of us who are lazy should band together.


In the midst of it all, I managed to have my nails done, which always makes me feel like I’ve got it together haha, wish I was joking.

If you’re even half as indecisive as I am, however, you’ll understand the agony of trying to settle on a single winter nail art design.

Guess what? I’ve got you covered with 26 winter and Christmas nail art ideas that you may attempt whenever the mood strikes you this season.


Let’s get right in and not waste any time!

#26 Mistletoe Sheets

Oprah Mag


Dare to draw mistletoe leaves on a number of your nails and, who knows, you might get a kiss as a reward for your manicure skills!

#25 Festive Peas


Peas on nails is an easy and winning recipe every time. However, for the holidays, go for seasonal colors; burgundy is a great option!

#24 Shiny Santa Claus Fingernails


That’s a red metallic shade that’s very stunning. Just a few jackets will do for the season, but if you want to step it up a level, you may always add a candy cane, snowflake, or Santa Claus costume. And check out the nail fur on that Santa Claus outfit!

#23 The Red Santa

I can’t believe how stunning this layout is. That little bear is the cutest thing ever, don’t you think?

#22 Peppermint Pattys with Gingerbread Men



These candy canes and gingerbread men make for a charming pattern on these nails. In addition, the thumb has a minimalist dotted pattern.

#21 Glittery Matte Nails


These nails are perfect if you’re looking for something unique and sophisticated. They’re made using a foundation of matte nail paint and glitter, and they look gorgeous.

#20 Hearts and Reindeer


Exhibit your natural nails with this stunning red and white Christmas design. Those little reindeer on the thumb are my favorite part.

#19 Present Opening Time

Try your hand at some DIY nail art as you unwrap those holiday treats. Use a red nail polish and some creative thinking to make a bow and snowflake out of paper.

#18 glittering holiday pattern


Nail lacquers from Zoya, known as “pixie dust,” are worth keeping. Take a look at how just a few coats of paint can transform your nails for the holidays.

#17 Stylish nail art for the holidays


Don’t want to do the same old glitter manicure? Use this as an excuse to treat yourself to a new manicure. To escape the mundane, just throw in some Santa Claus, some reindeer, some Christmas lights, and some snow effects.

#16 Drama in blue

This beautiful blue is ideal for the sophisticated style of the fall and winter months.

#15 Nailed on Rudolphs and Santa Claus


This manicure is stunning and just right for the winter holidays. This pattern works well on both short and long nails.

#14 Theme from DuckTales


These bright and cheery fingernails were inspired by the animated series DuckTales. Experiment with various nail polish colors and forms to get your ideal manicure.

#13 Typical of the holiday

Red nails are a staple, but this dramatic twist will have all eyes on you.

#12 Sleek black polish

The color black has never looked so cheerful before. The mix of subtle tones and glossy black is so well done that it almost seems like a holiday.

#11 In the spirit of the holiday, here are some ornaments!


Beautiful and festive nail art like this may be achieved with nothing but your natural nails, as shown by these examples. These decorations are bright and adorable.

#10 Patterns of Gingerbread


The gingerbread design on these nails is adorable. This adorable brown nail art design is perfect if you’re in the market for a new manicure.

#9 Tree of Life, Cast in Gold


Have you ever considered the elegance of white and gold glitter on your nails? Ok, I’m awake.

#8 Elegant Flocons


A red-nosed renne is the symbol of the holidays.

Write that on one of your nails, and you’ll be ready for any upcoming party nights.

#7 Ideal holiday attire

If you want to make your own Christmas Manicure Design, all you need are some red, green, white, and silver nail colors. You need just put in some time and effort. Even so, I believe the end outcome was worth the effort.

#6 Nails with a Plaid Pattern


For the colder months, try out this pair of checkered nails. Use them as a foundation for a coordinated look with your favorite plaid shirt and boots.

#5 Christmas ornaments

Idea Stand

Okay, this type of nail art requires a little more dexterity than the others. But you don’t have to draw elaborate baubles like the ones in the image above: just circle your plain manicure and add little details like lines or tiny dots with a fine-tip tool.

#4 Abstract Christmas


Here, we let our creativity run wild. The only rule is to use colors that are Christmasy, like gold, silver, red, green and white!

#3 Buffalo pattern


In the holiday season, we bring out the plaid shirts and wool socks!

Want to match your nails to these usually fireside garments? Create a Buffalo pattern using red and black polish and a fine brush made especially for this kind of nail art.

#2 Polar bear

Elena Nails

It’s well known that snow and polar bears are one and the same! For winter and Christmas, why not wear this beautiful animal on one of your fingers? To do this, you will need white and black nail polish and a fine point manicure tool to make the bear’s eyes and nose. For the rest, let your imagination run wild!

#1 Glitter tips


Here, we go for a reinvented French manicure! Instead of putting white on your fingertips, choose a shiny polish. A classic with a twist for the upcoming holiday celebrations!

If you’ve read this far, I hope you enjoyed and found value in these winter and holiday nail design ideas. If you enjoy these, kindly pin them or leave a comment below.

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