How To Contour and Highlight Your Nose Depending on Your Shape

contour nose like a pro

When you have makeup, who needs a fairy godmother with a magic wand? With makeup, all you have to do is flick the brush to change how you look. Anything is possible if you know how to contour your nose. You can get a chiseled face, make your eyes and lips look bigger, and get doll-like lashes. You’ve come to the right site if you’ve been searching Google for phrases like “how to contour a huge nose,” “how to make your nose smaller,” “how to contour nose for beginner,” and “how to contour nose to seem smaller.” We’ll show you how to shape your nose like a pro so you can get the nose you want without having surgery. You won’t be able to go out on Saturday nights for a while, so why not use this time to get better at your nose line or nose contour makeup?


When contouring your nose, it’s easy to go overboard and make it seem like a dark glob. Follow this guide if you want to learn the most effective techniques for shaping your nose.

Several Recommendations on Nose Contouring, Depending on Your Shape

A large nose draws too much attention to itself, therefore it’s our responsibility to make it less obvious so that the rest of the face can appear its best. Applying a dark color to the bridge of the nose and softer colors to the sides is a common technique.


Contour a Wide Nose by Brushing Darker Colours Along the Sides of ItA wide nose has a lengthy bridge; to make it look more narrow, use darker shades to outline the nose’s sides. Avoid getting makeup on your nose bridge.

Snub noses are tiny, flat noses that turn up at the tip. In order to make the nose appear longer, highlighter can be applied along its bridge. Use a deeper color on the nose’s tip. Ultimately, this will make the tip of the nose more rounded and defined.

The fourth type of nose is called a “Hawk Nose,” and it is characterized by a long, pointed bridge and an upwardly inclined nose. Make up the hawk area with a deeper hue, and the bridge of the nose with a highlighter. This form will prevent others from seeing your distinctive hawk nose.


Similar to a snub nose, but with more pronounced nostrils is the fifth type of nose, the skinny nose. To make your nose appear longer, emphasize the bridge. The goal when dealing with a narrow nose should be to bring attention to its features rather than to diminish them via the use of contouring. If you’re going for a more expansive appearance, highlighter may be applied along the sides as well.

Nose that’s too long: With these contouring tricks, you can shorten your nose in no time. First, use a highlighter to contour the bridge of your nose and a deeper hue to define the tip. If you have a long, narrow nose, you can conceal it using this technique. Make sure you look at your face in a variety of lighting conditions to ensure it is evenly and sharply defined.

Methods That Anyone Can Use To Perfect Their Contour

Benefits of using contour nose makeup include the ability to dramatically change the appearance of your face. Here is a summary of the most useful nose contouring techniques compiled by us!

1. Prep

It is essential to begin nose contouring with a thorough cleansing and application of primer. The foundation of every good makeup application is the “prep and prime.” In order to get a picture-perfect result with your face makeup, it is essential to first prepare and prime your face. Apply a matte foundation on top, and then set your makeup with a setting powder if your nose tends to get greasy over the day.

2. Straighten It Out

To get a straight line from your eyebrow arch to the end of your nose, draw two parallel lines. Don’t be discouraged if you can’t draw a straight line. If you like what you see after tracing a light line, you may go ahead and darken it. Wondering what you can do to make your nose seem smaller? A thinner nose may be achieved by drawing the lines closer together; the closer the lines, the narrower the nose will seem. You should do this on both sides. To achieve a more subtle result when contouring the nose, try using a cream product first, followed by a powder product.

3. Emphasize the Bridge

Once you’re satisfied with the lines, move on to the bridge of your nose with your concealer and highlighter. To emphasize your nose’s best features, use a highlighting product in a thin line beginning at your nose’s bridge and ending at its tip.

4. Blend

This is the crucial stage of nose contouring. The first and foremost action is this one right here. The key to a beautifully sculpted nose is to blend like there’s no tomorrow. The hard lines on your face will damage your appearance if you don’t take the time to blend them out. Blending inward, toward the middle of your nose, can make your nose look more thin.

5. Round Off the Ends

It’s very normal that some people don’t have perfectly straight noses. After blending in your contour at the sides, you may find that your nose is more pronounced if it is bigger, more bulbous, or has a rounded tip. Want to know a secret to reducing the size of your nose? Instead of using highlighter on your nose, try this contour nose trick: apply some contour on the very tip of your nose and mix it outwards to make your nose appear narrower.

6. Make it Skinnier

Applying concealer that is a shade or two lighter than your skin tone might make your nose appear smaller. Apply this to the sides of your nose, and then set it with powder. Masking any imperfections and making your nose appear narrower is as easy as using a little bit of contouring makeup.

7. Improving the Apparent Alignment of Your Nose

It’s perfectly normal to have a crooked nose if you’re one of the lucky few who was born with one. Here are some cosmetic contouring tricks that help make your nose appear more straight.

Using the deepest shade, make two parallel lines along the sides of your nose; then, outside of those lines, add a line of the medium contouring shade.

Don’t trace these lines along the bridge’s natural curvature; instead, they should be straight, parallel, and vertical to give the impression that the bridge is more aligned.

Now, using the bridge’s highlighting shade, you should highlight the concave section of the curve in the bridge’s center to push that area forward and eliminate any tiny curvature.

Next, pat a few of dots of the lightest hue into your nostrils to emphasize them, and blend the entire nose by dabbing softly with your ring finger.

A Guide to Nose Contouring for Minimizing Your Nose’s Profile

You can’t modify your nose’s form, but you may make it look smaller or larger using cosmetics. And if you have a desire to constantly have a smaller-looking nose, here are some terrific ideas to help you!

A tiny bit of contour powder may make your nose appear smaller.

Apply the powder on the bridge of your nose with a concealer brush, following the natural contours of your nostrils.

Another trick is to darken the very tip of your nose to draw attention upward, making your nose look smaller and less pronounced.

Improving the Appearance of Your Nose’s Length

It’s intriguing to learn that nose contouring may be used to create the illusion of a smaller nose. Find out how to quickly and easily lengthen the appearance of your nose.

Now, rather than shading the tip of your nose, highlight it if you want it to seem longer.

When applying powder, use the blending brush to lightly dust the powder onto the tip of your nose, as if you were punctuating it.

Full Tutorial On How To contour Your Nose

Contour and Highlight Your Nose in Less Than Five Minutes 

If you want to get a polished, professional look on a daily basis, this quick and easy guide will show you how to contour your nose in under five minutes. In order to achieve this look, she employs a number of fantastic cosmetics, including Tom Ford’s Shade and Illuminate in Intensity One and Benefit’s Bronzing Powder in Hoola.

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