Discover The 4 Areas Of The Body That Should Not Be Waxed

With the arrival of beautiful weather, the hunt for hair is on for many people who want to show off their smooth skin in their seasonal shorts. It is indeed true that hair is sometimes seen as being very unattractive. However, it is also sometimes associated with a lack of hygiene and if that is how you see it, beware! Indeed, hair always fulfills a precise function and often serves to protect us. Also, the fact of removing it can expose us to consequences sometimes very harmful for our health. In this article, we review four areas of the body that should not be waxed.


Areas of the Body That Should Not Be Waxed

#4 Nose hair

Nose hairs are not very aesthetic, but their presence is essential, because we breathe up to 7 liters of air per minute. However, this air sometimes contains impurities that the hairs allow to filter so that they do not reach our organism. In addition to the usefulness of hair removal, there is another risk involved in plucking. Indeed, the nostril fossa is the selective site of staphylococcus aureus. Removing hair follicles therefore also exposes us to the risk of panic attacks or boils. If the hairs are bothering you, don’t hesitate to cut the ones that are sticking out with a small clean scissor.

#3 Pubic hair


Back in 2017, a study published in the British Medical Journal highlighted the link between hair removal and STIs. And this is not surprising! This hair offers very effective protection to this area of the body that is particularly sensitive to viruses and other bacteria. Full body hair removal literally exposes your crotch to urinary tract infections and other vaginal mycoses. Add to this a pair of pants that are too tight and you have all the ingredients for vulvodynia (a condition that causes persistent vulvar pain).

If your pubic hair is bothering you, at least make sure you use the right techniques to remove it. Dermatologists formally advise against using razors (because of the risk of microcuts that increase the risk of infection) and depilatory creams (whose ingredients are far too aggressive). So prefer hot wax, cold wax or oriental wax for bikini waxing.

#2 White hair: a risk of losing mass


Contrary to what we often hear, pulling out white hair will not make seven hairs grow behind! A hair follicle can only contain one hair. However, this habit can have other negative consequences. First of all, the hair will grow back thicker and straighter: it will therefore be even more visible than before. In addition, there will come a time when the hair will not grow back at all. You then run the risk of losing hair mass. It is therefore better to cover them with a coloring or henna…

#1 Facial hair: possible, but not in any way

We sometimes tend to treat facial hair removal as we would the skin on the armpits or legs. Unfortunately, when hair is removed from the top of the lip or cheeks, it can grow back thicker and fuller if you use a razor, depilatory cream or an electric epilator. The best solution for the mustache and chin is therefore bleaching. You can prepare a homemade bleaching cream with natural and economical ingredients. In case of hirsutism or after the menopause, during which hard hair tends to grow due to the decrease of estrogen, it can be removed. However, in this case it is crucial to disinfect the skin and the tweezers used or to use wax.

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