7 Easy Makeup Tricks To INSTANTLY Make Your Eyes Look Bigger & Brighter

simple tips to make your eyes look bigger

Shapes, colors and techniques, our make-up varies according to the new beauty trends, but to have a refined look and a very glamorous effect, everything relies on the eyes. It means that is possible to lift your eyes and make them look bigger with some very simple tricks that you can do by yourself with products that are probably already in your makeup bag. We will share everything with you in this article!


Want to give the illusion of bigger eyes? Here are some star-inspired makeup tips that will help you get the look you want and make your eyes look bigger and brighter.

7 Simple Tips To Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

Making your eyes bigger gives you an expressive, piercing look that makes all the difference to your overall appearance. But how can you pretend to have Bambi eyes when you have dark circles or small eyes? The solution is in your makeup bag. Besides rejuvenating your look, these tips will enhance your eyes.


#7 Take care of your eye contour

Before applying these makeup tips, you can restore the glow to your eyes by using the right care products. Look for an eye contour cream or patches that help deflate, moisturize and clear up dark circles. You can also place spoons straight from the freezer or cold tea bags on your eyes, this will tighten the area around them and reduce dark circles.

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#6 The “eyeglass concealer” trick to conceal your dark circles and enlarge your eyes

Dark circles can make your eyes look smaller, so it’s essential to make them disappear. Since it was shared on Tiktok, the “eyeglass concealer” tip has gone viral. Basically, it involves applying concealer around your eyes to mimic the shape of glasses to achieve even coverage. For best results, choose a concealer that is lighter and warmer than your skin tone.

#5 Use a brightening eye shadow to brighten your eyes

When it comes to eyeshadow, the shades you use can greatly influence the clarity and size of your eyes. Light to moderate colored eyeshadows, such as pastel colors, slightly shimmery shades, and light brown shades, will help to enlarge your eyes. Simply apply to the corner of your eye, then to the brow bone, and finally to the middle of your eyelid.

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#4 Enhance your eyebrows when you apply eye makeup

An arched shape can enhance the eye area and make it appear larger and more open. You can make this area even wider by opting for laminated brows or using a brow gel that will keep your hairs up while being fuller and thicker.

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#3 Curl and define your lashes to enlarge the eyes

This very simple step can really make a huge difference. Curling lashes with an eyelash curler instantly opens up the eye area. Then apply lengthening mascara from top to bottom.

#2 Lighten your waterline for bigger eyes

Dark pencils make eyes look smaller. However, to enlarge your eyes and bring out the color in your eyes, apply a white pencil instead, this will instantly brighten your eyes.

Also, forget your classic black eyeliner and opt for something lighter. Brown or colored eyeliners can make your eyes look bigger and your look brighter. Preferably choose an eyeliner color that allows your eyes to stand out. Try blue, green, iridescent or champagne and go for it!

Now that you know all these makeup tips, feel free to take advantage of them to enlarge your eyes and open up your look.

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