11 Exercises To Lose Calf Fat And Tips To Slim Calves

Exercises To Lose Calf Fat And Tips To Slim Calves

Don’t like your calves?


Many people find that their calves are too thin, too fat or too muscular.

If you tend to store fat in the back of your legs, I have the perfect solution.

You can lose calf fat and get beautiful, shapely calves with a few crucial changes to your diet, lifestyle and workout routine.


In this article, I will share with you the best tips and exercises for losing calves. Are you ready? Let’s go…

The Anatomy of the Calf

Are you looking for exercises to lose calves? If so, it’s important to know more about this muscle group first.


When we talk about the calf, we are referring to the muscles at the back of the leg. The calf consists of two muscles:

calf anatomy Calf exercises work the gastrocnemius and soleus. Without these versatile muscles, we could not walk or drive.

The gastrocnemius is the muscle that forms the curve of the calf.

In athletes, they are often well defined and highly developed. The other muscle (soleus) is not visible. This muscle is hidden under the gastrocnemius.

It is this muscle that allows the heel to be raised when the foot is on the ground to jump or walk.

The degree of intensity of the effort has a direct influence on the volume of the calf. More on this later.

Fat calves: the cause

You’re reading this article because you want to know how to lose calf fat or build up your calves. In other words, you are not satisfied with the size of your calves.

Hence my first question: what do you think is responsible for your fat calves?

Is it genetics? An excess of body fat? Do you have swollen calves due to an underlying medical condition (water retention)?

It is important to determine the cause, as this will make it easier for you to lose weight in your calves. In fact, before you can solve a “problem”, you must first know the cause. So if you want to slim down your calves, you need to determine why you have fat calves.

Some people have naturally muscular calves. They only ride their bike to work and yet they have the calves of someone who works out every day. How do you explain that?

Muscular calves

calves of a woman running I’m not going to lie to you. Genetics plays a big role in the size of your calves.

And you can’t change your genes. On the other hand, you can avoid sports that require a lot of speed and strength.

In any case, avoid all activities that require jumping. If you run, slow down and don’t do sprints. Explosive movements will only build up your calves.

Instead, running or jogging at a slow pace will help you slim your calves. You can also use the treadmill at the gym. With this equipment, the calf muscles are less stressed.

Few women have very muscular calves. So you probably don’t, even if you feel like you do.

Besides, in my opinion, having developed calves is an advantage! Muscular calves mean strength, and will help you avoid joint problems in later life.

Read on to find out what else you can do if you have naturally muscular calves.

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