7 Eyebrows Mistakes are making you look older

Foundation, blush, mascara, eye shadow or lipstick … To have a perfect complexion and camouflage certain imperfections, many women opt for a beauty makeover to enhance their face. Unfortunately, some women make mistakes that end up highlighting their dark circles, fatigue and fine lines. Here are 7 mistakes you make with your eyebrows that make you look older.


While some women are blessed with flawless eyebrows and proudly display their natural beauty, others feel the need to apply makeup and wax to erase small imperfections. To brighten up the eyes, to have a healthy glow and to apply eye makeup in the right way, there are some beauty tips you should know.

What are the 7 mistakes most women make with their eyebrows that age them?

Mistake number 1: Very thick or very thin eyebrows

Even though thick eyebrows are in fashion, bushy eyebrows make your eyelids look droopy and older. To avoid this phenomenon, it is necessary to wax and apply makeup in the right way. After tweezing, consider applying a gel fixative to tame your eyebrows. If you have very thin eyebrows, this can also make you look older. While you wait for your eyebrows to grow back, you can redraw them with a pencil to get a thicker line.


Mistake number 2: A very pronounced eyebrow arch

Today, thick, full eyebrows are popular with many women. To create the illusion of fuller brows, some women try to make up the brow bone. However, an overly pronounced arch can make you look much older than you are.

Mistake number 3: Straight brow lines

Horizontal eyebrow plucking is a divisive trend among women. In Asia, many women have embraced this fashion and proudly sport straight, short eyebrow lines. But this way of plucking is not recommended if you want to look younger.


Mistake number 4: Brushing your eyebrows in the opposite direction

To tame your eyebrows, you need to brush them regularly before applying makeup. To do this, start brushing them upwards until they go beyond the line and then pull them back to the side following the natural direction of the hair.

Mistake number 5: Neglecting the tail of the eyebrows

Eyebrow tails set the tone for a younger, sexier look. To fight signs of fatigue and rejuvenate the face, you can extend it with a pencil of the same color as your hairs and then use a brow gel to set it.

Mistake #6: Choosing a different brow shade than your hair color

Darkening or lightening your eyebrows makes them look older. If your eyebrows are starting to turn gray with age, you can opt for a hair color. However, choose a shade that matches your hairline to avoid making a fashion faux pas.

Mistake number 7: Having too long hair

If the hair is too long, it looks sloppy and old-fashioned. Consider using eyebrow scissors to cut off any protruding hairs and reshape your eyebrows.

Now you know how to maintain your eyebrows and avoid making mistakes that age you. To stimulate eyelash, eyebrow and hair growth, you can incorporate castor oil into your beauty routine.

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