4 Beautiful Eyeshadow Looks with Step-By-Step Instructions

Eyeshadows enhance the appearance of your eyes by lifting, defining, and adding depth. However, for a newbie, tracing the appropriate form, adding the crease color and inner corner accent, and blending might be scary. Don’t be concerned! We’re here to take your eyeshadow game from amateur to pro. To learn how to apply eyeshadow like a pro, follow this step-by-step lesson with photos. Swipe to the right.


How To Apply Eyeshadow – Step-by-Step Instructions With Pictures

Eyeshadow may give your eyes a lot of depth and definition. Blending the colors correctly is the key to successful eyeshadow application. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can try out whatever look you like, whether it’s a smoky eye, a cut crease, or a glitter halo!

4 Beautiful Eyeshadow Looks with Step-By-Step Instructions to Define Your Eyes

1st Eye Makeup Look: Natural Liner & Eyeshadow

Whether you need a basic natural eye makeup look for work, are a beauty minimalist looking for something more subtle, or are looking for beginner’s suggestions, this look is a fantastic place to start.

With a basic neutral palette, you may get something similar. In fact, I normally recommend starting with a neutral eyeshadow palette for makeup newbies. Because earthy browns are used, this very natural makeup look can be worn by people with blue, green, brown, or hazel eyes.


Beginner’s Guide to Neutral Eyeshadow Palettes:



To get this look, you’ll need the following items:

  • A Shimmery Neutral Eyeshadow Shade — To seem the most natural, choose a hue that is similar to but lighter than your natural skin tone. Champagne is a good choice for lighter complexion tones, while shimmering beige, rich pinkish browns, and gold are good choices for medium to dark skin tones.
  • Light Matte Eyeshadow Shade – One of the lightest hues in an eyeshadow palette, such as ivory, bisque, or light beige, for example.
  • Warm Brown Eyeshadow Tint – Often one of the darkest hues in a palette, this is a warm brown eyeshadow shade.
  • Mascara

1. Steps to Create Natural Eyeshadow and Liner Look:

Step 1:

Make sure your lids are primed. Is there no primer? You may hide the area with foundation and concealer, then set it with translucent powder. Apply primer to your upper eyelid if you have it. With your finger or a concealer brush, blend upwards towards the brow bone. You may also use a primer under the lash line if you want to put eyeshadow there. Allow it to dry before moving on to the next stage.

2nd Step:

Apply a shimmering neutral hue (like a champagne color) on your lid with your basic eyeshadow brush.


3rd step:

You may create depth by using a deeper tint (brown). Close the eye on which you’re working. Assume the lid is divided into three pieces.

Apply the brown with a delicate tapping motion to the outside corner of your eye, so it falls on the outer third area of your lid, using a brush like this Sigma one.

(If you use mild tapping, this brush may be used to apply eyeshadow, although its primary function is blending.)

4th step:

Wipe the bristles of the same brush with a clean, dry cloth to remove the eyeshadow pigment. Alternatively, if you want, simply use a clean blending brush. As you get near part 2 of your lid, mix this brown inward. By mixing in circular motions, you may achieve this. Begin at the outside corner and work your way inward in little circles. You should also blend upwards, little past the crease.

5th step:

You may lightly apply a light matte shade immediately above your crease and below your brow with a brush like the E40 (only use the tip for application).

Choose matte ivory, bisque, or light beige eyeshadow, for example. Using a clean, dry cloth, wipe away the pigment. Then, to soften the form, mix it with the other shadows.

6th step:

On the top lash line, use a very thin black liner. Use an eyeliner pencil if you’re more comfortable with it. Alternatively, try experimenting with a cream and liner brush (either angled or flat). Begin by getting as near to the roots of your lashes as possible. This line should be narrow at first, then thicken as it gets closer to the end.

7th step:

Now you’ll want to apply some under-eye concealer. You can use a pencil brush, a tiny shader brush, or a smudger brush. Apply the neutral shimmer shade from Step 2 to the inner 2/3 or 3/4 of your lower lash line (just below the lashes). Apply the eyeshadow from Step 3 to the lower outside corner of the eye just a smidgeon. Then, using a clean smudger brush and a back-and-forth windshield wiper motion, disperse the brown around that outside edge.

8th step:

Last but not least, curl your lashes and use mascara.


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