10 Most Stunning Fall Hair Colour Ideas For Brunettes

Fall Hair Colour Ideas For Brunettes

Are you enjoying the season thus far? Do you want to change the color of your black hair?
Fall is my favorite season, because it has by far the most unique cosmetics, clothes, and hair colors. Here are some great fall hair color ideas for dark hair to radically refresh your locks this year, whether you’re wanting to deepen your shade or go full-on red to truly liven things up! Can’t get to the salon for some balayage coloring? No worries, there’s nothing wrong with using a dark brown box dye to create the desired color!


Most Stunning Fall Hair Colour Ideas For Brunettes

#10 Balayage Light Blonde

Light blonde brown is an ever-popular shade for adding a touch of autumn to your hair. Whether you have long or short hair, this color will elevate your appearance every time, especially when used with the balayage highlighting process. Instead of using a hair cap or foil, the method paints the hair freehand, providing a whole new depth to the appearance.

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#9 Balayage Light Brown Blonde

Although this lovely hue would look great with almost any hair color, people with dark natural hair, ideally black, would have the best results. You may also have it done in a medium to light brown color for a subtle change for the season. Straight or curly, light brown blonde balayage is a guaranteed thing.

Source : koees


#8 Ecaille Blend

3 or more colours applied throughout the hair produce a distinct sensation of movement, somewhat reworking the ombre method. The ecaille mix hair method is not only adaptable, but it also gives a lot of volume to your hair. All that is required is that the three or more hues be sympathetic to one another.

Source: fasbest

#7 Rose Brown Warm

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Do you have a thing for rose gold or anything with a rose tint? I couldn’t keep my gaze away from this warm rose brown hair color tone.

#6 Caramel Heaven for Brunettes

This captivating hair color trend for autumn is developed specifically for natural brunette hair, as the title says. Your brown roots will blend seamlessly with brilliant caramels, giving your look a cherishing warm aspect. You may adjust the intensity of the hue to get the desired amount of softness or boldness.

source : therighthairstyles

#5 Hot Chocolate Balayage

We can’t get over how stunning this one-of-a-kind color idea looks on naturally dark hair. Those hot chocolate balayage highlights in your hair will not only frame but also brighten your face. It’s a warm and vivid balayage that seamlessly blends the tones into one another, as seen in the Instagram post below.

Source : behindthechair_com

#4 Caramel Highlights on Chocolate Brown Hair

If you can’t decide whether to go dark or light for your tresses to celebrate the spirit of autumn, why not combine the two lovely colours to create chocolate brown hair with caramel highlights? To get a delightfully natural texture, ask your hair colorist to produce a seamless transition of tones between the chocolate brown foundation and the brilliant highlights.

Idea Details : fasbest

#3 Caramel Highlighted Chestnut Brown


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Chestnut brown is a go-to colour for brunettes since it flatters so many complexion tones and looks gorgeous with caramel highlights.

#2 Beautiful Root Melts

Here’s a gorgeous root melt that transitions from a dark brown on top to a lovely silver gray at the tips. The intermediate lengths contain a hint of light chocolate brown, letting the melts shine out. To finish your look, use modest eye makeup and a neutral lip color to make your hair the main focus of your appearance.

Source : Hellobalayage

#1 Auburn, Pumpkin Spice, or Red Hair

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Is there anybody else who like the program My So-Called Life? If you were, I’m sure you adored Claire Danes’ red hair as much as I did… It’s my fantasy autumn hair color and would be a nice departure from the usual brown! And pumpkin spice locks are always fashionable for the autumn and your coffee.

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