Guide to Mature Women’s Fashion – Tips on What to Wear After 60

Is there a secret to looking chic beyond 60? Why do we even bother asking this of ourselves? Since our sense of style evolves as we get older.


Please read this if you or someone you care about is 60 or older. The 60+ woman’s definitive guide to looking fabulous on a dime. Do you hate reading? Look at the pictures or scroll down to see the info graphic on the latest trends in old aged clothing.



How can I dress stylishly while being over 60? Everything you need to know to be inspired!

You may still look fashionable even at a certain age. Yes, our culture’s fixation on the young will make you believe that anybody beyond the age of 30 shouldn’t:

Get into character as Miley Cyrus or don your worst mom jeans and sweaters for the holiday.


We’re aware that many current trends are focused squarely towards the millennial demographic. As an example, neon leggings are not appropriate for anybody older than 14. However, only a seasoned fashionista can emanate true style, which is distinct from just being “in.”

If you’re over 60 and still want to look your best, here are some suggestions.

What not to wear if you’re a woman over the age of 60

Some clothes will make you seem dated almost without fail. Get rid of any you may have stashed away in a wardrobe:


  • Long floral print dresses
  • Muumuus . This is the kind of outfit that appears like a shirtdress yet has its roots in Hawaii. Similarly to the aloha shirt, muumuu exports often feature bold colors and flowery patterns with general Polynesian themes.


  • A-line skirts that are long (ankle length) and unstructured.
  • Baggy, balloon-like, elastic waist pants.
  • Unstructured pants and suits.


  • Oversized, baggy t-shirts.
  • Khaki/purple granny ballerinas.
  • Shapeless sweater-style dresses (usually khaki or denim).
  • Sweaters with embroidery, appliqués, etc. (especially Christmas sweaters).

The next step is to begin restocking your closet. A monochrome approach is the simplest place to start. This necessitates the use of single, strong hues, such as blue, red, green, black, white, khaki, etc. Don’t be afraid to dress conservatively; an all-black ensemble will make you seem slimmer and more put together than before.

If variety is required but you still want to go with the same color scheme, try experimenting with textures of the same hue.

Advice on what to wear beyond 60: fashionable options for mature ladies

If you take a look at stunning sixty-somethings like Susan Sarandon, Diane Sawyer, and Barbara Walters, you’ll see that they stick to a limited palette of basic colors and avoid busy prints wherever possible. Not that you can’t wear patterns, however! However, when you do, be sure to keep things straightforward and uniform.

Older women tend to consistently make poor accessory choices

Do not feel like you need to put on every single item of jewelry in your collection every day.

In addition, don’t be bashful about accessorizing your outfits. If you stick to staple pieces, you may spice up your appearance with the latest accessories without coming across as too desperate to get in with the cool kids. You may purchase great items for little money at stores like Target, Forever 21, Mango, Zara, and H&M.

An attractive necklace like the one seen below. It may be purchased at Mango right now.

Denim looks great on ladies of all ages, but especially those over 60.

To be clear, hootchie mother, I’m not referring to a pair of low-rise denim pants. However, older ladies look great in a stylish pair of cropped jeans with either a straight or wide leg. The flare of a trouser cut or boot cut jean can assist to conceal any extra weight you may be carrying around your waist, while also giving the impression that you are more strong.

Try to find a pair of jeans that has 2% lycra or spandex. Doing so will enable the jeans to adapt to your body and aid in the management of trouble spots while you wear them. The Gap, Banana Republic, Levi’s, Seven, UNIQLO, and Target stores are just a few options.

Straight legs or slim jeans are ideal if you have a narrower bottom half, therefore yes (gasp) (even if you have a bit of a belly). Try a pair of skinnies from Old Navy or New York & Co. if you have a little more of a belly; they tend to run with a higher waist (which will help it sit on your waist better).

Further, the dark navy hue of the pants highlights the gray in your hair. Wear a fitted sweater or a t-shirt in a bold color with the jeans. But, for the love of everything that is chic and right in the world, don’t walk out in public wearing nothing but denim on denim.

Dress in bright colors

I need you to promise me something, dear reader: that you will make an effort to add more color to your clothing. You don’t have to put away your color wheel just because you’re a “seasoned fashionista” of a certain age.

Lucky for you, practically any bold hue will look great against a darker skin tone. Brighter is better. Start with your eyes if you have lighter skin and are self-conscious about how you appear. Everyone can find something positive to say about it.

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