Festive manicures: 12 nail decorations that will impress your loved ones at Christmas

Do you like to take care of your nails and make them beautiful all year long? Do you love themes and don’t mind dressing up from head to toe (including your nails) for every festive event? These Christmas manicure inspirations should please you.


You’ve got the outfit, the tights, the shoes, the hairstyle, are you sure you haven’t forgotten anything? Because a sublime gown with a delicate fall could well lose its grace if your hands and nails are left unattended. So, without going so far as to get fake nails, you can inject a bit of fun into your drab manicure. The holiday season is one of the few times you can allow yourself anything! Here are some inspirations to crunch.

1/ Beautiful matte nail

These matte nails are designed to perfection. All the chic combined with the theme of the year.


2/ A Christmas manicure with cozy prints

Match your festive manicure to your cozy plaids, hats, slippers and socks!

3/ An electric blue for those who are not cold (to the eyes)


Everything goes perfectly with snow white! You can dare the deepest nail polishes, like this hypnotic electric blue.

4/ A black Christmas manicure for a change


Red, gold and fir green are certainly the main colors of Christmas, but your manicures don’t have to be so colorful. Black is a safe bet, especially when you add little colorful details. Chic and original nails to unwrap your gifts with style!

5/ Look for the tree!

A pretty Christmas tree is hiding behind this ruby manicure that you can match with your lipstick!

6/ A few fancy touches

Apply your usual nail polish, leaving a few nails open to fantasy!

7/ Rudolf is out

Rudolf, the little reindeer from children’s stories, is drawn on your lacquered nails for the occasion!

8/ Holly branches, the perfect Christmas manicure!

Decorate your nails with pretty holly branches, a seasonal motif!

9/ Red and gold nails

Delicately drawn, these snow stars in relief adorn the longest (fake?) nails, for an effect that is both chic and very original!

10/ Tone-on-tone snowflakes

Decorate your nails with Christmas colors by opting for a red and white (or gold) manicure.

11/ Metallic nails

If you dare to go for the total festive look, this Christmas manicure should please you…

12/ Delicate nails

Adorn your nails with snowflakes and line your cuticles with azure glitter! We bet this Christmas manicure will look great at the holiday table…

And you, which nail art did you like best among these Christmas manicure inspirations? Do you have any other nail art ideas to shine for the holiday season? Share your beauty ideas with us in comments!

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