How To Finally Find Your Personal Style


How often do you find yourself standing in front of your closet in the morning, unable to make a choice because you have nothing to wear? Do you hate going to the store because you never know what to get? Do you dislike your current style because you feel it doesn’t make you appear your best? Keep in mind that you have company. You may be having these issues because you are unsure of your own sense of style. If that’s the case, you’re completely at a loss as to how you want to present yourself, what you should purchase, or what you should dress. We feel stressed, let down, and frustrated as a consequence of this. Allow me to assist you in resolving such issues by demonstrating how to discover your unique style!


How to Discover Your Own Personal Style

If you’re a woman and you don’t like your present sense of personal style or you’re just not sure what it is, then this article is for you! Although it’s true that your own taste may and will evolve with time, there’s no reason to give up on achieving your goals.

You must understand your likes and dislikes, as well as all the underlying factors that you may often dismiss as insignificant. You may personalize your appearance based on the information you gather. So read on to find out how to accomplish it.

Steps to Developing Your Unique Personal Style

#12. Recognize Your Body Type

body type


It all probably begins with learning your body type. That’s not because your body type demands a certain wardrobe, but rather because you already know what flatters your figure best. What you’re doing is more similar to taking stock of your assets and expanding upon them.

#11. Take a Look at Your Clothes

Take a Look at Your Clothes

Run a quick vetting over your clothes and spend a day with your closet. Take a look at the clothing you’ve purchased in the last few years, the ones you’ve bought over and over again, the ones you haven’t opened yet, the ones you got on the spur of the moment, the things you want to wear or fit into someday, etc. Each item has a history, and it should come as no surprise that the things you wear most often reveal your preferred look.


#10. Compile Your Looks

Compile Your Looks

Take a trip down memory lane by creating a photo album of your favorite outfits, milestone moments, and other mementos from years past. Now that you have a concept of what you want, you can reevaluate your wardrobe, get rid of unnecessary items, and add to it in a way that reflects your own style. Develop ways to improve upon these outfits and adapt them to fit the current style. Something as simple as putting on a scarf, a necklace, some boots, etc. Because, let’s face it, repeating one’s wardrobe may become old fast.

#9. Identify a Fashion Icon

Identify a fashion icon

Who is the person (living or deceased, famous or not) whose taste you most admire? So much of your identity, aesthetic preferences, and aspirations can be gleaned from it. Certainly, that’s the case the vast majority of the time. Are you more of a girl-next-door type like Emma Stone, a girl-next-door eccentric like Lady Gaga, a refined diva like Beyoncé, or an Audrey Hepburn fan like Beyonce? Your own style idols might be anybody who inspires you.

#8. Where Do You Find Your Motivation?

fashion inspiration

Who are you, exactly? Would you rather look like a yogini, a bohemian, a supermodel, a sports star, or a regular person? Finding your own style in this manner is perhaps the simplest option. Everyone has a natural preference for one artistic mode or another; we may already be aware of this or may require a confirmation from an outside source. To meet a friend, do you like to put on your best formal attire, or do you prefer to dress more casually, e.g., jeans, a plaid shirt, converse shoes, little makeup, etc.? You may use that information to guide your future purchases based on that.

#7. Which Colors and Colour Combinations Do You Like Best?

color combination

Do you have a thing for bold patterns and colors? Do you like understated, all-gray ensembles? Alternatively, do you like a more subdued color scheme that focuses mostly on pastels and other muted tones to make a statement? Please ponder it for a second. Colors are a major factor to consider while settling on a trademark style.

#6. Which accessories do you favor the most and why?


Do you like a single large necklace pendant or two pairs of oversized stud earrings? Do you have an appreciation for high-quality jewelry? What about only a watch and some ear studs, or a bare neck? Personality is mostly expressed via your choice of accessories, which play a significant role in this mix. Take a look at your Pinterest boards or jewelry box and see what you use the most and what you’ve been putting off trying. This is consistent with everything we’ve discussed up to this point.

#5. Are There Any Ideas That You Hold?

casual outfit

Do you support the concept of slow fashion? To what extent do you support the use of cruelty-free goods? Do you have a passion for fashion and like following the most recent trends? This realization will both expand and focus your perspective. This is helpful even if you’re just curious about the minimalist lifestyle and want to test out a capsule wardrobe to see whether it’s doable.

#4. Check Your Shoe Rack

shoe rack

In certain cases, going backward might be more effective. Which shoes do you always reach for? What do you typically wear on a daily basis? Like apartments? What about a pair of ballerina flats or a pair of pumps? To wear boots or Uggs? Are you going to wear flip-flops or sneakers? Shoes are an accessory that should complement your outfit rather than dominate it, so you can’t assume that everyone can wear the same pair.

#3. The Name Brands You Love

favorite Brand name

Is the price tag on a name-brand garment indicative of how well it performs? Affirm that you feel better in name-brand clothes. Or maybe you’re less concerned with the label’s reputation and more interested in how the clothes look on you. Which do you value more: comfort or a particular brand or style? Having a few go-to labels that you love to wear might be a great indicator of your own taste.

#2. Make Sure You Have One Standout Piece in Your Closet

Do you grab a scarf if you need to complete an ensemble? Wear a denim jacket, a shrug, a chambray shirt, or a checkered shirt to add some more layers. Make a point of wearing a certain brand or shade of denim. Do you like cashmere sweaters or V-neck plain T-shirts? Always have a go-to item of that one specific clothing category in your wardrobe, the one that you feel best represents you and your sense of style.


#1 Draw a Line


Everything should run in tandem and be plotted along to get at a kind of person. There are some of us who are more malleable than others, and others of us who are more fixed in our ways. On the other hand, there are some among us who always wear the same baggy shirts and leggings without ever branching out and trying anything new, therefore diminishing our own value. The objective of this activity is to pause for reflection, examine your clothing options, and think beyond your usual style box. As important as it is to stick to what you know works for you, it is as important to branch out and try new things until you discover what does.

The Bottom Line

Discovering your unique style is critical to your identity. Understanding your likes and dislikes might assist you in determining your fashion and style sense. If you’re having trouble figuring out your own style, start by analyzing your body shape and combing through your closet to get a sense of your likes. Consider your style icon and favorite companies for ideas. After you’ve acquired all of this information, arrange it and think about it to have a deeper understanding of who you are. We hope this essay has helped you discover your particular style.

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