How to Get Him to Love You More Quickly

Do you ever know something about someone before you even meet them?


Things like that don’t happen because of what they said or did. It’s a message you can read in their voice, body language, or facial expression.

As a surprise, experts have found that these snap judgments about other people are pretty correct.

You know some things about someone as soon as you meet them. And you immediately respond to these cues that aren’t said.


If you can read people well, it might not come as a surprise that men and women pick up on different signs when they’re with a possible partner.

Just click on this link to go straight to the movie that talks about the strange pattern of signals guys look for in a relationship.

It tells you the secret signal that either turns a guy off or makes him feel smitten with you.


In that case, read on to find out what signal you send to guys all the time, whether you know it or not.

It’s not likely what you’d expect.

There’s a certain type of body language that guys just can’t avoid.

It’s a sign that can make you feel love thoughts. Depending on what he sees in your body language, it could turn him off.

Do you want to know what it is?

Men pick up on something in your body language that you wouldn’t think they would.

A lot of women ask me what they can say to make a man want them. There’s more to the secret of making someone love you than that, though.

If you want to attract the kind of man you want, being able to send the right nonverbal word is very important.

A lot of guys are interested in you, but they can’t really connect with you emotionally. I might be able to help you figure out why.

Without even realizing it, you’re probably sending out just one very mixed-up signal.

This is what happens when you get the wrong signal:

  • The wrong kind of guys are interested in you. The ones you don’t care about.
  • Attraction at first fades over time with the one guy you really wanted to attract.
  • A slow and painful end to the passion and attraction in the relationship you already have.

But if you make a small change, you might always be giving the right signal. What you’d get instead is more like this:

  • Passion that grows stronger the longer you’re with him;
  • a guy who clearly cares about you;
  • and a deep sense of private exclusivity as he lets you into his inner world.

It can make a big difference. It all comes down to this one signal I’m about to show you.

Imagine that you are a radio tower and try to understand this signal.

The guys in your life are always getting a message from you. One “channel” he just can’t turn off.

That’s because guys have emotional “antennas” that are built to pick up on this particular signal.

Are you ready to find out what signal I mean? Okay, here it is. You tell him where you “rank him” among other guys by the way you act.

He looks at your body language to see how you feel about him. Does she care about me? Or am I just something she plays with?

Does she think I’m better than her? Does she value me more than other men? Is she just making peace?

Why does this one warning bother guys so much?

Funny enough, this signal tells him how you feel about other guys. That means it changes how he feels about himself when he’s with you.

And it’s amazing how this one signal changes his mood.

When we’re with someone, they don’t always tell us what we want to know. What’s written between the lines needs to be heard.

We decide how we feel about each person we meet by “listening” in this way. And it tells us a lot more than words when it comes to romantic relationships.

Tell me this now. Which guy do you want to spend the rest of your life with?

A man who tells you how beautiful you are but can’t take his eyes off of other women? Or a man who doesn’t say many good things about you but looks like he only wants you?

In reality, no one wants to be with someone who is content with what they have. What you really want is to feel wanted.

Men are the same. But what makes women feel wanted is not the same thing that makes guys feel wanted.

For instance, studies show that guys often get love and respect mixed up. When a woman falls in love with a man, she shouldn’t just love him; she should also like him more than other men.

Otherwise, it just feels like love from a mother. He doesn’t want that. In his main relationship, that’s not how he wants to see himself.

That’s why…

A lot of the time, women who are interested in a guy send mixed messages instead of clear ones.

It happens by accident. It’s not your fault, I have to tell you.

Society has changed too fast for men and women to adapt to the rapid changes. We are now in a mess.

There used to be a clear set of rules in almost every culture. People went through the process of finding a lasting partner based on these assumptions.

Demonstrations of mutual respect were built into the process of courtship.

But those clear standards are no longer there. With unspoken standards and feelings of uncertainty, each pair has to make their own way these days.

And there is something that is lost in the way we court these days.

I’m talking about an old way of talking about desire that uses words of respect. “You have an admirer” comes from this.

He doesn’t want you to give up.

He wants to know that you think he’s the best thing ever.

If not, it will hurt his pride. It also makes him less passionate about the relationship.

He can’t picture himself with a woman who values other guys more than she values him.

But now things get hard to understand.

A lot of women want their man to know they love him.

But what a woman and a guy think of as a loving conversation is very different.

How do you let a man know how you really feel? Also, why do men pay so much attention to small clues that tell them how they rank among other guys?

So that I could answer that question in more depth, I made a video presentation about it.

Watch the Presention

There are some very strong signs you can use to get a man’s attention.

A lot of women are shocked to learn how much power they have over a man’s self-esteem after watching this video.

And even more amazed at how simple it is to make someone love you and want to put effort into the relationship.

For many of us, the best gifts are the ones we’d like to receive ourselves. That’s how love can be. We try to love our partner the way we’d like to be loved.

You make him feel unique. But that doesn’t seem to bother him. You talk to him in the language you know best: love. He seems to speak a different language.

But I’m going to tell you a great, general way to get his attention: show him that you can give him what he wants most.

Click here right now to learn how to get an unfair edge with guys. Help him see that you are the one for him.

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