10 Incredible Ways to Get Rid of Strawberry Legs, With Causes and Preventative Measures

Many people struggle with blackheads and large pores. This affects the T-zone but also the legs. This common health problem causes the skin to become reddened, which also becomes covered with small dark spots that look like the achenes of a strawberry. These spots are hair follicles or enlarged pores that contain a mixture of sebum, bacteria and dead skin. When this opening becomes raw after shaving, air comes into contact with the sebum, which oxidizes and turns black.

Usually, this does not cause itching or pain, but it can obviously make the person uncomfortable. At Dealzgreat, we did some research to find out what causes the “strawberry leg” effect and how to get rid of this problem.

strawberry leg Causes:

1. Shaving


Despite the fact that “strawberry legs” is considered a genetic condition that most often occurs in people with thick hair, shaving is one of the main causes of this annoying condition.

If you shave with an old razor or don’t use shaving cream, razor burn can cause skin irritation. In response to the irritation, the skin around the hair follicle darkens and blackheads appear on the legs.

2. Folliculitis

Folliculitis is a common skin infection that causes inflammation of the hair follicles. It occurs in several forms and can lead to the appearance of the “strawberry leg” effect. A mild form of folliculitis is caused by shaving, which is conducive to the development of ingrown hairs and can be the reason for the “strawberry leg” effect.


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