20 Gorgeous Halloween Makeup For Women

There are several options for Halloween costumes and cosmetics. At a Halloween party, should you dress up as a classic character, go all out creepy, or show off your seductive side? We believe you can do all three! We gathered 20 of the sexiest Halloween makeup ideas. There are wild leopards, ghostly skulls, supernatural cosmetics, villains, and other items. Continue reading to learn how to seem frightening while simultaneously being very attractive!


#20 Fairy Soft Makeup

This next makeup look is delicate, lovely, and enchanting. The makeup is kept minimal, with just one warm tone on the eyes and a color-matched tint on the lips. Small dots beneath the eyes, a pastel wig, and a flower crown complete this fairy appearance. Something like this is simple to make and wear. It’s also a terrific last-minute makeup option.

#19 Easy Pirate Makeup


The first pirate makeup idea is straightforward and simple to do. She uses black eye makeup and a neutral lip tone for this look. The makeup is applied in conjunction with a lovely pirate attire. This has a Jack Sparrow flavor about it, and something like this is excellent for last-minute occasions. You may also incorporate other features, such as contact lenses, if desired.

#18 Makeup Inspired by Harry Potter

With a costume and makeup like this, you can add a little enchantment to Halloween. Here’s some Harry Potter-inspired makeup. The artist has kept the makeup light, lovely, and understated. Of course, she has the famous lightning scar on her head. This is a fun and simple design. Dress yourself as Harry Potter or any other character from the Wizarding World.


#17 Ethereal Makeup

Next, we have an ethereal makeup idea that appears to be from another world. To achieve this look, the artist created stunning purple eye makeup that is complemented by a darker purple lip color. This makeup is ideal for a fairy costume. Wear a delicate flower crown and fairy ears, and your costume will look amazing.

#16 Pearls and Rhinestones with Simple Makeup

Next, we’ll show you a lovely, more straightforward makeup concept. She is sporting a gentle lip color in addition to gorgeous eye makeup that you could wear anyplace. Rhinestones and pearls are used as the last touches on the fairy makeup. We adore the pearls and rhinestones since they provide a mystical and distinctive appearance. Another straightforward makeup concept is this one. We adore it.

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