20 Gorgeous Halloween Makeup For Women

 #5 Heart-shaped black skull makeup


The following makeup concept includes another eerie skull. This one contains a smoky eye with black skull features and hearts, according to the creator. Another charming and eerie style that will work for everyone is this one. Since the makeup is primarily black, it is simple to prepare and a fantastic last-minute makeup concept.

#4 Angel wings with clouds on them

We presented a cloud and angel wing design earlier in the article. If you enjoyed it, you ought to see this one as well. This is an alternative way to wear the look. She has angel wings with more striking clouds. It is a gorgeous makeup concept that will look lovely with angel wings and a halo.


#3 Dead Pirate Look

The following makeup tip makes you look like a dead pirate by mixing pirate makeup with zombie makeup. Her face is mostly unadorned, but the region around one eye is green and zombie-like. On the green area, she is also donning a white contact lens. This is a creative idea that will appeal to zombie aficionados.

#2 Cleopatra Cosmetics


The final cosmetic tip will transform you into a queen! This is Cleopatra’s makeup. Amazing blue, gold, and black eye makeup inspired by ancient Egypt was produced by the artist. She accessorized with gorgeous gold pieces to complete the ensemble. Any Halloween gathering will be a hit with this wonderful makeup concept.

Source : stayglam

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