What to Wear To Your Child’s Graduation: Outfit Ideas for Mothers

Graduation is a very special celebration for parents, as it closes a period in your child’s life and begins a new journey in their personal development. The style of this type of event should be chosen carefully, as it is not a celebration that requires etiquette, but it is also not a completely informal event.


Although the protagonist is your son, you should not minimize your style. As a mother, you will appear in many photos taken throughout the event. If you’ve asked yourself more than once, “What should I wear to my child’s graduation? “At Dealzgreat, we give you the keys to success with daytime, nighttime and some alternatives to the traditional skirt and dress look. Don’t miss it!

Graduation outfit ideas

  • Daytime event
  • Evening event
  • Other options

Graduation Outfit ideas for Mom : Daytime Event

If your child is graduating and you want to know how to dress for graduation on the day, it is very important to choose a wardrobe according to the time and type of event.

Short floral print dress

This is perhaps the coolest and most summery look of all, a perfect graduation dress for high school, as well as for any daytime celebration. It’s a dress with a flared skirt in a fabric that offers plenty of drape. As for the fabric, the ideal is to choose a print with floral patterns.


On the other hand, the most flattering type of sleeve and neckline for a short printed dress is the short sleeve or armhole accompanied by a cross-over neckline on the chest.

For accessories, avoid ornate accessories or large bags, as the pattern will take all the prominence. Instead, you can opt for a clutch bag.


Short dress with asymmetrical neckline

Today’s graduations allow you to risk a little more with the cut and color of the dress. A sophisticated and very flattering graduation dress choice is a short dress with an asymmetrical neckline and a maxi flounce. This type of asymmetrical necklines and accompanied by a large ruffle are very flattering and blend perfectly with the simplicity of the rest of the dress.

As for the colors of the dress for a graduation day, those that will suit you best are: turquoise, salmon, coral or fuchsia, among others.

With this type of asymmetrical neckline, it is not recommended to wear necklaces or ornaments in the upper area. Accessories should be limited to matching earrings and bag.

Flared skirt and blouse

If you don’t feel very favored with dresses, the alternative for you may be a two-piece skirt and blouse set. The ideal in this case is to choose a skirt with volume like a balloon, pleated, ruffled or flowing skirt.

Ruffles are a trend and they offer different options such as pleats, tables or maxi ruffles. You can combine the skirt with a simple short sleeve draped or fitted armhole blouse.

The most appropriate color combination for a daytime event like a graduation would be to choose a simple white blouse and add the touch of color with a fuchsia, salmon, mint or aquamarine skirt.

We know that there are styles that favor some women more than others, so you can find out how to dress for prom with the best look by visiting our article What kind of skirt to wear according to my body

Graduation dresses for moms: evening

Graduation events sometimes take place at night, so seeing It should be completely different from what you would choose for a day event. Here are some options on how to dress for a graduation guest.

Two-piece set

A skirt and blouse set is a great option, as you can enjoy dressing it up separately at other times. You can add a touch of bright color to the skirt, but if you want to bet on a see For elegant nights, black and white is a safe bet.

Combining a black pencil skirt with a white blouse made of light fabric and with some details on the sleeve will be a perfect choice to attend your son’s graduation.

Plumeti Dress

If you prefer to avoid bright colors and feel more comfortable with a simple yet elegant prom dress in slightly more neutral colors, we have the perfect option for you. This is a great option if you’re looking for dresses for a final degree or college graduation, as it’s more understated.

It’s a short dress in beige, cream or light pink plumeti fabric. For a more flattering result, we advise you to choose it with a waist cut for a better skirt fall. Depending on your style, you can opt for a French sleeve (more discreet) or a puffed sleeve.

Long shirt dress

This long ball gown is a very versatile option that suits all body types and is distinguished by its comfort. The shirt dress is usually buttoned with v-neck and cinched at the waist with a belt or a detail with the fabric itself. It can be combined with high-heeled sandals, in summer, and ankle boots or high boots in fall-winter.

The fabric that most favors this design and enhances its elegance is the floral print, either with fun, formal designs or with vintage airs.

It combines well with any type of bag, although we recommend that you take an envelope type clutch that better harmonizes with the evening style. In addition, you can complete this look for the ball with a simple bun hairstyle that gives more visibility to the dress. Find out how to do an easy bun in our article.

 How to dress for my son’s graduation: other options

If your child is graduating and you don’t want to wear dresses or skirts, at Dealzgreat we have selected comfortable and stylish options to attend such an event without having to resort to these clothes.

Set with palace pants and blouse

The palace pants are among those that most favor any body regardless of the size of the person. It is a very elegant way to dress for any event without having to resort to more traditional styles like skirt or dress.

You can combine this look for prom with pants with a flowing or halter neck blouse. If you want to make a safe bet, you can choose white palace pants and pair them up with a blouse in trendy colors like wine, bougainvillea or khaki.

We recommend you to wear a small bag and leave all the prominence to the pants.

Business suit

The pantsuit and jacket is the perfect alternative to wear to an event if you don’t want to wear a dress. It offers many possibilities and is the perfect companion if you are wondering how to dress for a graduation guest.

We propose a different outfit from the traditional one in which the color is of a single color betting, in this case, on a two-tone set. The idea is to dress each piece in slightly different tones such as beige and camel or red and pink. You can accompany it with high-heeled sandals or flats, if you prefer to be more comfortable.

Long jumpsuit

The long jumpsuit is a dress that gives a lot of play and with which you can get a very elegant look. One of the styles that succeeds in events, both day and night, is the pleated chiffon jumpsuit.

This type of fabric gives a touch of sophistication to the garment with which you will make a sensation. As far as colors are concerned, we recommend that you opt for a simple monochromatic style, without prints, because the pleated fabric is an ornament on its own and more ornaments would overload it too much.

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