15 Best Hair Colors For Winter That Are Trending

Joy and goodwill should be shared with everybody this holiday season. Now that winter has arrived, you’re considering a new hairstyle in addition to buying warm clothing and new boots and jacket. Let us recommend some great hair colors that are sure to brighten your winter. Whether you’re looking for a blonde, white, blue, brown, silver, auburn, pink, or purple tint, or even a unicorn mix, we have it all! In honor of the upcoming winter season, we have compiled a list of 15 enticing hair colors you’ll want to show off.


In that case, continue down the page and dye your hair the shade of your choice!

Top 15 Winter Hair Colors

#15 True Black Chocolate



We can confidently predict that by 2022, this will have replaced every other dark hair coloring as the most popular option. A consistent dark chocolate shade is worn throughout the hair, and minor tanned reflections can be added for dimension and movement.

#14 Light Ash Blonde Balayage



Hair colors like ash blonde are great for fall and winter. This grayish beige color scheme complements the snow. You may also take picture-perfect images of this stunning combination, which you can then upload to your Instagram account.

#13 Ashen Brown


The wintertime equivalent of a sandy blonde hair color. Flax brown is the most attractive neutral hue because it is in between the extremes of cold and warm. (Plus, we adore our neutrals.)


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