20 Super Popular Halloween Makeup Looks for kids!

If there is one holiday that youngsters love, it is Halloween! In addition to trick-or-treating, it’s an opportunity for them to dress up. Discover our selection of easy Halloween makeup ideas for kids.


Fall is the season of dead leaves, mushrooms and… Halloween! Very popular in English-speaking countries, this holiday has taken root in France and seduced children and adults alike. If you plan to take your children trick-or-treating on the evening of October 31, here is a selection of easy-to-reproduce Halloween make-up.

Dressing up, a beneficial activity for children

Remember when you were a child? You probably spent hours dressing up in your parents’ clothes or in an array of fairies, pirates and other imaginary characters. Far from being a simple game, dressing up is a necessary activity for children’s development. By immersing them in the skin of another, it participates in their quest for identification. Who do they want to be? What qualities do they want to acquire? Changing their identity for an afternoon or an evening gives them the opportunity to explore multiple roles. Dressing up as a knight, for example, develops their courage and bravery. Dressing up can also allow them to tame their fears, by becoming the object of their anxieties. So on October 31, don’t hesitate to dress them up as a monster, witch or vampire with our selection of Halloween makeup for kids!

Our Halloween makeup ideas for kids

You’re ready to celebrate Halloween: you’ve placed a stock of candy by your door, your house is decorated with pumpkins and spider webs and your kids’ costumes are sewn. But have you thought about the makeup? To make sure your kids look their scariest, this is a detail that shouldn’t be overlooked. No need to hire a professional makeup artist for the occasion! We have selected for you ten makeup ideas for Halloween. The hardest part will be choosing which one to reproduce!


The classics

Your child is dressing up as a witch? But how do you make up a child when he/she dresses up as a witch? Well, like this! It’s beautiful isn’t it? With the brand of makeup that I recommend on the first page of this gallery, you can easily make this beautiful makeup!

witch halloween

If you don’t like the green makeup, you can always make up your child with a nice big spider web! A great idea! Make a nice gradient of the color of your child’s costume and then make a spider web, like Spiderman’s webs!


large spider halloween

A fake headband, a fake eye patch are much less tiring to wear than real ones! Because this kind of makeup doesn’t sting and you don’t feel it! Moreover, with a sponge you can make a fake beard and with a fine artist’s brush, you can make a nice Pirate mustache!

false eye patch halloween

Take the time to break down the makeup step by step, you’ll see that it’s not that hard! First, you’ll need to cover the entire face in white. Next, paint 2 black circles around the eyes. Make 2 triangles on the nose. Then draw a long line across the mouth and cover the lips with black. Then with a fine artist’s brush, make a Y-shaped crack on the chin. Make vertical lines on the long line of the mouth, distorted Y-shaped cracks on the black circles of the eyes and a final Y on the forehead.

halloween children custom

Butterfly or fancy makeup is perfect for wearing beautiful dresses, or tutus made of tulle. Costumes for young girls who do not necessarily want to dress up. Who prefer to stay pretty.

A Mexican skull and crossbones

A Mexican skull and crossbones halloween


vampire halloween

A pumpkin

A pumpkin halloween

Fancy makeup

Fancy makeup halloween

Butterfly or fancy makeup is perfect for wearing beautiful dresses, or tutus made of tulle. Costumes for girls who do not necessarily want to dress up. Who prefer to stay pretty.

Fancy makeup halloween

The characters


spiderman halloween

One of the children’s favorite superheroes! Pretty easy to make! The secret? Take your time and use a very fine artist’s brush to make the lines. Press your hand on the side of the child’s mouth, where there is no red makeup, so that you don’t shake to make the black lines of the spider web. Then draw the white lines above the black lines to create a 3D effect. And here the white lines are missing on the vertical black lines, you’ll have to make them to the right of all the black lines. As if the light was coming from the right.


Frankenstein halloween

The Snow Queen!

First make a gradient of slightly darker blue and light blue as a background on the skin. Then you can draw curved lines and white dots with fine artist brushes.Or a beautiful princess!


The beautiful one from Beauty and the Beast! Or the one of your choice!

A Ninja turtle!

Ninja turtle halloween

She is beautiful! She even gives you a nice smile!

Hello Kitty!

bily ketty halloween

Always super popular! If your child needs to dress up for daycare, this makeup is a great idea! Have her wear a cute little pink or black skirt and a pink, white or black sweater! And that’s it!

Visit Sitejoker halloween

The Joker in the Batman movies! A makeup that is not too complicated to achieve. Choose purple and green clothes and a white shirt.


pirate halloween

The animals

Little kitten

little kitten halloween

What a beautiful little kitten! With practice and the right products that I recommend on the first page of this gallery, you too can achieve this wonderful makeup!

A werewolf

A werewolf halloween

With his little spots, he is really too adorable this little puppy! He reminds me of the dog in the show Grujot et Délicat in 1975 on Radio Canada!

beautiful rabbit!

little rabbit halloween

A super cute bunny! Don’t forget to make up a finger like a carrot! It’s original and very cute!


ladybag halloween

This ladybug is so beautiful!!! I would like to make up children with this makeup! It is really too adorable!


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