5 Reasons Why Happy Couples Don’t Talk About Their Relationship On Social Networks

Why Happy Couples Don't Talk About Their Relationship On Social Networks

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and their consorts are an integral part of the lives of their millions of daily users. Whether it’s about showing off your achievements, exposing your successes, flaunting your “perfect” body or flaunting your marital happiness, in the age of smartphones, narcissism 2.0 has no limits. However, the happiest people don’t have the time to show it on the networks, and this is even more true for couples.


Social networks punctuate our days and many of us tend to develop complexes because we consider our life “less good” than the one exposed by our friends on social networks. Posts, selfies, stories etc. Your news feed is a showcase that reminds you of everything you’ve failed to accomplish. What you’re forgetting is that nothing could be further from the truth. This tendency to overdo it doesn’t reflect reality at all. In fact, it is sometimes very far from it. If some use their appearance to attract men on Instagram, some couples already established enjoy highlighting their happiness on the pink square platform. Consequence: many hardened singles secretly envy them. To all these people, keep in mind that those who are in a perfectly satisfying relationship don’t need to shout it from the rooftops.

5 reasons why happy couples don’t need to show it on social networks

#5 They try to convince others of their happiness to convince themselves

When a couple is truly happy, they don’t need the endorsement of others. The avalanche of likes and comments do not bring any validation to their relationship. This is the opinion of sexologist Nikki Goldstein, who explains to the Daily Mail that “the people who post the most on the networks are those who seek validation of their relationship by others. So, when they are not convinced by their partner, having an external validation allows them to convince themselves that they are doing the right thing” says the couple professional.


#4 People who post the most selfies are more likely to be narcissists

Are you annoyed to see all those couples taking smiling selfies together? Well, you should know that they probably have a narcissistic tendency. And it’s a study that says so. According to a study, people who take a lot of selfies would hide psychological problems.

#3 People who enjoy the moment don’t have time to post on social networks

Of course, when you have a good time, you want to share it with others. However, couples who post every moment spent together, every outing and every activity are not really enjoying their time together. They are far too busy taking pictures, using the right filter and reading the comments of their followers.


#2 Couples who expose their relationship the most have a great sense of insecurity

Relayed by the American TV channel Fox, a survey from Northwestern University revealed that people who posted excessively about their partners were the ones who felt the most insecure in their relationship. Behind these declarations of love and photos that exude happiness would actually hide a lack of communication or commitment.

#1 Happy couples don’t need to prove it to others

Again, happy couples don’t need to convince others that they are happy. They are happy with their relationship and have nothing to prove to others. They live their happiness every day and don’t need to show anyone that their relationship is strong and fulfilling. You know the saying, let’s live hidden to live happy!

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