15 Elegant Hairstyles for Homecoming

Bring out the flat irons, ladies. Summer is winding down, and we’re looking forward to the return of school and football season. Homecoming is one of our favorite autumn events. While we celebrate homecoming in many ways (fall harvest, football game, fun festival, reunion, dance) and at various stages of our life (high school, college, alumni), one thing is constant: we must look our best. From sophisticated updos to casual half-up hairstyles, Dealzgreat has ideas for every gal and every occasion. We’ve gathered a fantastic selection of 15 ideas and examples that you may use as inspiration. Furthermore, to save you money on salon visits, most of them are simple to perform at home and influenced by celebrities. Let’s get started!


#15 Homecoming Hairstyles That Look Natural

When your natural hair is as thick, rich, and magnificent as this lady’s, you don’t have to bother about styling it for the homecoming gathering. A simple wavy up would suffice.

#14 Ponytail Glamour


When in doubt, go for a glitzy ponytail. This updo is deceptively basic.

#13 French Twist Soft

With this disheveled French twist, you may add volume to your bun.


#12 Tail on the side

The low ponytail is an undeniable staple and, without a doubt, one of the most well-known simple and quick hairstyles. To add interest, lightly tug the pinned hair over the hair tie to generate volume. You may also loosen a few front strands. This is a stylish and easy homecoming hairdo that you will want to replicate.

#11 Hairstyle for a Bohemian Homecoming

Braids, as you may know, have been popular for a few seasons. Add some tiny and exquisite flowers for a festival-inspired homecoming hairdo.

#10 Bun on the Side

A traditional bun style that highlights your picture-perfect good side.

#9 The Easy Ponytail

When it comes to homecoming hairstyles, keep in mind that your hairstyle should also be comfy. So, how about a straight ponytail with lovely curls at the ends and straight asymmetrical bangs?

#8 Curly Hairstyle for a Homecoming

Ladies with naturally curly hair could try a curly updo with loose tendrils as an on-trend ’90s hairdo for Homecoming. Because the style has a little damp appearance, keep your curls nourished and defined using curl cream. Then, tie your hair to the top of your head using curl-friendly pins and hair elastics. Allow some loose pieces to fall forward to frame your face. Pair your updo with huge hoop earrings and a slip dress for the complete ’90s style.

#7 Half-up, half-down updo for Homecoming

A half-up, half-down updo is a stunning Homecoming hairstyle for thick hair. It is suitable for both medium and long hair lengths. Separating the top portion of your hair prevents it from seeming like a solid mass, and it also focuses the attention upwards, making it a highly appealing style for individuals with round features. To add to the lovely feminine mood of the hairdo, add some face-framing bangs and waves.

#6 Bubble

By just adding a few additional gummies to the mix, a plain half ponytail may be turned into a more appealing hairdo. To get the classic bubble pony or bubble tail appearance, hold the elastics at the same distance. Then, gently pull the edges of each segment to add volume. You may use this method with a ponytail and/or two ponytails.

#5 Fishtail Updo for a Homecoming

A fishtail braid will provide a gorgeous touch to your updo hairdo. While it seems hard, the style is surprisingly easy – and looks much better if your hair color is ombré or balayage. To create a false halo-braid or crown-braid illusion, form two fishtail braids on each side of your head and cross them over at the front using bobby pins. Leave some parts free in the front to contribute to the hairstyle’s delicate, boho vibe.

#4 Waterfall Braid for a Homecoming

A waterfall braid is a great Homecoming hairstyle because it has a feminine, romantic mood with a Bohemian atmosphere. A waterfall braid adds beautiful flow and depth to medium-length or long hair that is thick or naturally wavy. As a result, it’s a great choice whether you’re wearing a backless or sleeveless dress. You may also personalize the look by weaving a ribbon or gold thread through the braid.

#3 Thin Hair Homecoming Hairstyles

While thin, fine hair is easier to handle and smoother than thicker, coarser hair, it may be difficult to develop volume or maintain a style with this hair type. A basic style that accentuates the smooth and lightweight appearance of thin, fine hair is the ideal choice. A low bun with face-framing tendrils is a traditional and beautiful choice. There’s no need to add any volume or texturizing products; all you need is a straightener or curling wand to create a subtle wave in the front portions. Alternatively, for a stylish ’90s look, keep them straight and wispy.

#2 Pretty Curls’ Homecoming

Nothing looks better than wild, unrestrained curls! With a free and simple curly style, you can show off your hair’s natural volume and bounce. The trick to elevating your curls for a special event like Homecoming is to keep them defined rather than frizzy. Flyaways and broken ends may be reduced by combing from the bottom up, never from the roots. Instead of using a brush, untangle your hair with your fingers or a wide-toothed comb. Then, use a moisturizing serum to define, separate, and hydrate your curls while imparting a lovely sheen.

#1 The Curly Twist

This style is perfect for curly hair females who want to shine all night.

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