17 Henna Tattoo Designs and Ideas for Women

Henna is a gorgeous, transient method of body art. You may have so many beautiful henna tattoo designs, from conventional patterns to more contemporary styles with birds and other elements. Henna tattoos are adaptable both in terms of their design and how you may wear them. Weddings, birthdays, and other special occasions are appropriate times to wear mehndi patterns. They can also be used for more informal events like when on vacation. There are countless ways to dress. We have collected 17 incredible henna tattoo ideas to help you get some inspiration. Everyone may find something they like, and we also provide a variety of distinctive color selections. You’re in for a treat if you’ve never seen henna or how it looks before!


#17 A floral hand design in henna tattoo

We’d like to start by showcasing this gorgeous flower henna design. The elaborate designs are spread around the entire design, which is on the palm. The majority of the henna has a delicate lace appearance, and lovely flowers have also been added. This kind of mehndi will wow everyone. Try the entire layout or simply utilize the parts you like the most.

#16 Finger and Wrist Henna tattoo


Next, we’ll demonstrate a fundamental idea. For this, a bracelet-shaped design of henna has been placed on the wrist. One finger is also covered by the design. It features a beautiful, floral design. We enjoy it since it has a henna-like appearance and a gorgeous jewelry-like appearance. This is another henna design that would look great in the summer.

#15 Gorgeous Hand Henna tattoo

The following concept is exquisite and complex. Another henna pattern for the hands is shown here. Block color is used on the finger tips and a portion of the hand, while dots, flowers, and other patterns are used to embellish the remaining portion of the hand.


#14 Paysle Henna Hand Design

The traditional henna design of paisley is one of our favorites! The fingers are decorated with leaves, check patterns, or repeating patterns. The wrist’s first joint and the hand’s back are adorned with fashionable paisley. As you can see, the paisley is really attractive. Try this pattern, or add any other designs you like to the paisley.

#13 Botanical and floral henna tattoo

You should look at this if you enjoy designs with embellished hands on both sides. Here, you can see that both hands have been hennaed, but they have distinct designs on them. The floral patterns on one hand are exquisite, and the leafy botanical design is on the other. As you can see, they are gorgeous as individual patterns, but they also look fantastic when combined. Try a similar appearance, or apply the same pattern on both hands.

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