17 Henna Tattoo Designs and Ideas for Women

#12 Idea for a floral henna design


You adore the flowery henna patterns. If so, this could be the best option for you! The hand’s center is covered in a single huge flower, while the fingers are covered in smaller flowers. All of the blooms have intricate designs as well. It has a beautiful and elegant design. Try this, or simply have the big flower. This kind of flower may be positioned anywhere on the body.

#11 Chic Henna Designs

You’ll notice that many of the henna patterns are identical. But you may also experiment with other designs. Here are two distinct henna tattoo patterns. Both have been positioned—one on the arm and the other on the wrist. The patterns and colors in them still go well together even if they don’t match. Try one of these chic patterns or try them all.


#10 Gorgeous Fingers with Henna tattoo

The henna that follows has a lovely net pattern. The fingers of this style are embellished with delicate nets, and the bottom features a rose motif. It is such a beautiful and unique design, and it will undoubtedly draw attention. Create this, or continue the pattern and include the back of the hand as well.

#9 Using the same henna on the feet


This is the henna for you if you want to impress. On each of these foot, there are henna tattoos. The motif also has a leafy net with a swirly pattern. Because they are so well-done and complex, these mendhi tattoos appear stunning. Try the appearance on one foot or duplicate the pattern on both feet. You may also make the design more understated by using merely a net. This henna may be made to appear different in a variety of ways.

#8 The idea for Blue Henna Hands


The following concept is stunning and audacious. Blue and other colors have also been utilized in this henna pattern. The whole back of the hand is covered by the design. We adore the design since it is so fashionable and distinctive. You might try recreating this or applying this henna to two distinct patterns. Maybe try the design on the hand or simply the pattern on the fingers. In this manner, you may create two distinct mehndi looks with a single picture.

#7 Exquisite Hand Henna tattoo

The following notion is simply brilliant. Intricate designs have been used to decorate the hand, wrist, and forearm for this. A stunning work of body art was made using flowers, swirls, dots, and other designs. If you want a bigger pattern that stands out, this type of henna is ideal for you. A white or silver background would look fantastic with this pattern

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