17 Henna Tattoo Designs and Ideas for Women

#6 A half-circle henna tattoo on the hand



Next, we have one of our favorite henna designs, which is a lovely design. For this, a half circle has been adorned on the back of the hand. The half circle employs a variety of patterns, such as repeating lines, dots, and patterns. In the middle, there is a little swirl as well. It is a wonderful concept, and we also believe it to be original.

#5 Glam Gold Henna


This idea is fantastic since it is so elegant and glitzy. Once again, the pattern is on the hand and it is elaborate and gorgeous, using the henna hues of gold and silver. The mix of gold and silver is really stunning, and a comparable henna tattoo would be ideal for a big event. Try to recreate it or make your own mixed metal mehndi.

#4 Stunning Red Henna

Henna is offered in a variety of hues. We advise using red if you want to make a big statement. The image below shows how stunning and vibrant red henna appears. The hands and fingers have a leafy pattern across them for this aesthetic. The tops of the fingers also have a chevron pattern. You should attempt this colorful and fashionable henna style.


#3 Simple Henna Design

Henna does not necessarily need to be particularly elaborate or cover a lot of skin. You could decide on a basic henna pattern like our following recommendation. As you can see, only a little portion of the hand’s back has been utilized. Two substantial blooms are the sole flowers in the design; the rest are foliage. Despite being simpler than some of the others, this is nonetheless striking. Such henna will look fantastic for summer weddings, festivals, and other occasions.

#2 Complex Henna Designs on the Palms

The following henna design uses a complementary pattern. The palms are covered in a net pattern for this appearance, with a flowery part in the middle. The fingers also have a leafy pattern. It is a beautiful work of body art. You may duplicate this or try the internet sans the flowery pattern. You can even get henna on only one hand. whatever suits you best.

#1 Black and red henna

The following henna pattern is gorgeous in red and black. This one has two black lines on the fingers and a black leaf pattern on the hands. On the tips of each finger, a red block color has been applied above the lines. The combination of red and black is stunning, and the red makes a strong statement. Attempt this, or try using orange like the style we previously showcased.

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