The Right Way To Hide Pimples Using Makeup

The Right Way To Hide Pimples Using Makeup

No matter how you’re feeling the night before a big event—stressed, worried, or excited—a pimple will arise to dampen your enthusiasm. Isn’t it very frustrating? Just how is it even possible? Ugh! Having acne or pimples is frustrating as hell, particularly if you’re trying to improve your selfie game. Thankfully, pimples are easy to cover up with a little makeup. You may use your favorite makeup to hide acne and get perfect skin. One of the most often requested beauty questions is, “How can I cover up pimples with makeup?”

However, there is an appropriate method. If you choose the incorrect approach or components, you might make things much more complicated. Learn the ins and outs of covering up acne and pimples with makeup from an expert. Thus, you would be prepared the next time you have a sudden outbreak of acne. Have a peek.

Here are 5 Steps to hide pimples using Makeup.

#5 Get Back to Square One

If you want your concealer and foundation to look their best, your skin has to be in tip-top shape. Be sure to give your skin a good wash and a hydrating moisturizer. Do not skip this crucial skincare step, even if you have oily skin, if you care about how your makeup looks.

#4 Use a liquid foundation

Applying a primer immediately after finishing your skincare regimen and before putting on your makeup is vital. This prevents your cosmetics and skincare items from seeping into your skin’s layers. Makeup goes on more evenly and looks better when applied on a flat surface.

#3 Hide the Spots

If your pimple is red, try dabbing some green color corrector on it before applying concealer. The redness will be reduced and the pimple will be effectively concealed. In any case, if the acne doesn’t seem red, you may dab some concealer over it and call it a day. To prevent cross-contamination, use a cotton swab to remove the concealer from its container.

#2 Put on some liquid makeup

To avoid removing the concealer, use a stippling brush or makeup sponge to apply the liquid foundation in a stippling motion. Applying a smooth, uniform foundation coat of makeup can give you an excellent appearance and help you conceal any blemishes.

#1 Get your face ready

To make your foundation last all day, let it sit for a few minutes before adding pressed or loose powder. To complete the style, you may also apply a finishing spray.

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