How I Make Fever Pimples Disappear in 30 Minutes

Has an unsightly little fever blister crept onto your face? I can’t even count the number of times I’ve noticed a fever blister on my upper lip just before going out for the evening…


Don’t panic!

Fortunately, there is a natural solution that will make your fever blister disappear quickly.

The effective trick to cure a fever blister without medication is to use green clay.


How to use it

  1. Put half a tablespoon of powdered clay in a container.
  2. Add a little water.
  3. Mix well to obtain a smooth, homogeneous and thick paste.
  4. Apply this paste to your pimple.
  5. Let it dry for 30 minutes.
  6. Rinse off.


And that’s it, your fever blister is now gone 🙂

In the end, the pimple is completely dried out and has almost completely disappeared from your lip.


Isn’t it beautiful? This cheap trick will save your life for the evening to come 😉

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