20 Hot Last Minute Halloween Costumes for Women

quick halloween costumes for women

Halloween is almost approaching, so you may have begun to design your costume. But what if you’re the sort that puts things off till the last minute? If this describes you, we can assist you! We discovered 20 easy Halloween costumes for ladies. These are ideal for any Halloween celebration and are simple to make. There are movie characters, Halloween classics, and more. Take a peek; you’ll never have to worry about a last-minute costume again!


#20 Regina Goerge

Regina George is famous, and any of her costumes are really hot if you want to stand out at a Halloween party.

#19 The Zombie Bride


Source: @pollymarchant

This next outfit is ideal for those last-minute occasions. The outfit isn’t even a costume. She’s dressed sexily in a white little dress, high heels, and a veil. The veil has been splattered with blood, and she is wearing eerie contact lenses. These two elements turn this gorgeous costume into a terrifying one. It’s amusing, one-of-a-kind, and simple to make. This is ideal for any Halloween celebration.

#18 Wednesday Addams


Source: @heatherfernxo

Following that, we have a Wednesday Addams costume. Those who enjoy the Addams Family will enjoy this. The outfit consists of a black top and skirt, as well as braided pigtails and knee high stockings. This is quite simple to make and wear. You might also attempt a black dress for the outfit. Any member of the Addams Family is simple to make, so pick your favorite.

#17 Stunning Cowgirl Costume

source: maddiebeatty_

I’m crazy with gorgeous cowgirl costumes! Everyone will be infatuated with you if you don this gorgeous yet simple college Halloween costume. It’s also ideal for last-minute preparation because it’s so simple to put together.

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