20 Hot Last Minute Halloween Costumes for Women

#16 Stupid Halloween Costume

Clueless Cher Costume will always be popular. I really like that it comes in a set, so you can quickly dress up in your favorite Halloween costume.

#15 Cupid

Source : Sammdoll

Who’s ready to crush some hearts this Halloween? If you want to steal some hearts at your college Halloween party, you must opt for this one. It also does not require rocket science to construct.

#14 White Angel

This is your usual sexy white angel. I think this Halloween costume will never go out of style. It’s usually an easy one to duplicate for freshmen who are scrambling at the last minute, like myself lol.

#13 Quick Halloween Costumes for Best Friends

Source: @xolindaa

This next outfit is adorable and simple to put on. We have a boxer costume here. They are dressed in pink gloves and athletic attire. This is really a novel concept. You may even model your outfit after a great fighter. This is ideal for sports fans who want to try something different for Halloween.

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