20 Hot Last Minute Halloween Costumes for Women

 #12 E.T. costume is adorable

Source: @whereyourheartisnow

E.T. is a popular film about a small extraterrestrial, and this outfit is based on it. She is costumed as Elliot from the moment in which he rides his bike while carrying E.T. in the basket. It’s a fantastic outfit that’s ideal for moviegoers. As you can see, she built it herself, making it ideal for folks who enjoy DIY projects and costumes.

#11 The Sims Burglar Costume

Source: @lizmpal

If you enjoy the Sims, you must watch this. She’s dressed in a well-known burglar suit, complete with the green plumbob above. This is a fantastic idea that is actually pretty simple to replicate. There are several ways to make the plumbob, and some DIY techniques may be found online. As you can see, fast Halloween costumes may be simple, imaginative, and inexpensive.

#10 The Witch and the Pumpkin

Source: @okaysocute

Do you like the witch ideas? If so, you should look into it. Another traditional witch with a black gown and cap, but this time she’s accompanied by a little pumpkin! Her darling infant is dressed in a charming pumpkin costume. This is a fantastic idea for mothers. Both costumes are inexpensive and simple to put on.

#9 Breakfast at Tiffany’s Costume

Source: @onemidwesternblonde

The final suggestion will add a touch of glitz to Halloween. This costume is inspired on Holly Golightly’s classic attire. It’s a fun idea that doesn’t require any additional equipment. You may make a variation of this with store-bought clothes and accessories. As a result, it is quick and simple to duplicate.

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